Indonesian "sorcerer" commanded women into bed

Police have the 36-year-old fraud in custody for his own protection.

Published March 3, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

A 36-year-old Javanese man known as
Suryono conned women out of hundreds of
dollars and into his bed, according to a
Reuters report.

Suryono, who, like many Indonesians,
goes by his first name only, convinced
housewives and widows in his hometown of
Cilacap that he was a shaman with
special powers. Local police chief Lt.
Suranto told the news service, "Most of
these widows usually wanted Suryono to
make them more attractive, make it
easier for them to get a partner or just
wanted to ensure that their husbands
would remain faithful and care for them

Suryono promised the lonely ladies he
would make their dreams come true -- if
they agreed to come alone to his house
on a Friday at midnight. When they
arrived, he instructed them to strip and
bathe in flower-laden bath water. After
they had been cleansed, he asked them to
chant mantras in the buff. Then he put
the whammy on them -- literally.

To make sure he got laid on nights other
than Friday, Suryono also told his
victims that if a man who looked just
like him approached them, that man was
really a genie who could grant their
wishes -- providing they conceded to his
wishes. (More whammy.)

Unfortunately for Suryono, the jig is
now up. The fallen magician is being
held in police custody in order to
protect him from his fellow villagers,
who wish to put their own brand of
whammy on him.

By J.A. Getzlaff

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