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Published March 5, 2000 4:00PM (EST)

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+ Andrew Leonard: Author's diary
+ In what sense is this book "open source"?
+ Jargon unscrambler: what the heck does "foobar" mean?
+ Got a rant, a tip, an URL you need to share?

Chapter 1: Boot time

Part 1: Linus Torvalds at Villa Montalvo

+ Discussion: Was the Villa Montalvo the best place to begin?

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Part 2: Starting points

+ Discussion: Free software in the 11th century?

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Part 3: The bamboo forest

+ Discussion: Not enough tech, too much bamboo?

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Chapter 2: Free speech and free software

Part 1: Power to the people, from the code

+ Discussion: Was Berkeley Unix really free speech's greatest friend and best weapon?

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Part 2: Do-it-yourself Giant Brains

+ Discussion: Hardware, software, hackers don't care -- they just want the machine to go!

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Chapter 6: The rise of the penguin

Part 1: The lore-masters of Finland

+ Discussion: Is the author a stooge for Finnish public relations?

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