Hard-cooked eggs

A vintage hit of "The Joy of Cooking" gives poetic advice for a practical skill.

Published March 7, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

Hard-cooked or "boiled" eggs

Place in a saucepan:


Cover them with:

Cold water

Put the pan over medium heat and bring water to the boiling point. Reduce
the heat to below the boiling point and let the water simmer. Now watch
your time.

Allow 20 minutes after you reduce your heat.

Place hard-cooked eggs in cold water at once to prevent the yolks from

Or, place eggs in boiling water, reduce the heat and keep the water under
the boiling point. Allow 30 to 35 minutes for hard-cooked eggs.

Crack the shell and rock the egg between the palms of the hands to remove
the shell readily. Should the shell crack while boiling, seal the crack
heavily with salt. If you want to slice the egg smoothly, dip a knife in
water before using.

From "The Joy of Cooking" (1953 printing), p. 79

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