For sale: Denmark's Tivoli Gardens

Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson are potential buyers.

Published March 23, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

Ahh, Denmark's Tivoli Gardens -- 100,000 square yards of green lawns and bright flowers, home to a vintage roller coaster, a commedia dell'arte theater and a carousel that plays hurdy-gurdy music when it rotates. The park is a Copenhagen landmark, a destination within a destination, a haven for 3.7 million locals and tourists each year.

And now it's up for sale.

According to the Associated Press, Carlsberg brewery is selling its 43 percent share in the park, and Denmark's Den Danske Bank -- the country's largest banking institution and owner of the remaining shares -- says it, too, is willing to part with at least some of its ownership.

Carlsberg Chief Executive Flemming Lindeloev said his company was selling for purely financial reasons. "We wouldn't have done so if we should have acted with our hearts," he explained.

So who's going to mind the carousel? Surprisingly, Denmark's treasure could fall into the hands of Americans. Oklahoma City's Premier Parks, Disney and Michael Jackson, that elusive Peter Pan, have all expressed interest.

Never-never land Europe? Packaged with sequined gloves and purple socks? Complimentary eyeliner? Free admission for boys under 18? It could happen. Stay tuned ...

By J.A. Getzlaff

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