Kenyan women storm police station and demand sex

"Our men have turned to vegetables," they say.

Published March 27, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

Women from the Kenyan town of Kandara, north of Nairobi, are looking for a few good men. Qualifications? Sober and virile, thank you very much. And they're not just looking -- they're demanding.

According to a Reuters report, a gang of furious ladies from 24 Catholic church groups recently descended upon their local police station and ordered officers to either have sex with them or shut down the illegal drinking dens where the women's spouses spend most of their time.

Their daylong protest took police by surprise and brought business in Kandara to a halt.

The women told the stunned officer in charge to order his men to make love to them or find them new husbands. They blamed the area's illegal bars for their husbands' soggy performance in the sack, and for leaving them sexually frustrated and childless.

"Our men have turned to vegetables," one woman told a local newspaper. "They leave home early and come back intoxicated. There is nobody to meet the sexual needs of wives."

The report did not say how police responded to the women's demands.

By J.A. Getzlaff

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