Lip hair OK in Disneyland

In a radical gesture of modernity, the Happiest Place on Earth has lifted the ban on mustached employees.

Published April 10, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

If you're young, happier than a Prozac pill and willing to cavort around in a Goofy costume in 90-degree heat, Disneyland and Disney World want you -- even if you have a mustache.

That's right, kids, "neatly trimmed" lip hair is now welcome in the Magic Kingdom after a 43-year ban. But only if you're a man, of course.

According to an Associated Press report, Disney executives are relaxing the stringent appearance code set by Walt Disney in 1957 -- though they're not quite ready for girls who look like boys, or boys with hair anywhere near their Beaver Cleaver collars. Still, the company is moving forward, and it's damn proud of it.

A spokesman for the union representing Disney's theme park workers said, "It's good to see the company come into the new millennium from the 1950s."

The Walt Disney Co. took its first brave step toward modernity in 1994, when it allowed its female theme park employees to use eye shadow and eyeliner and its male employees to wear toupees. Back then, executives may have relaxed the rules because there's nothing sadder than a bald man operating the teacup ride, but these days it's more likely they're doing it because the economy's booming and workers aren't exactly clamoring to climb into a Mickey suit.

Will their freewheeling new hair policy work? Perhaps. Some employees really do call the theme park the "Happiest Place on Earth." Others call it "Mauschwitz."

By J.A. Getzlaff

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