We want your photos -- just the best ones, please -- for our new feature.

By Salon Staff
Published April 10, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

We like photographs.

There isn't any special kind of photograph that we like best, except that we like photographs that we think are really great to look at, not just to us but to pretty much everyone who sees them, except maybe people who just don't like photographs.


We would like to have photographs on our site. We don't care where they come from; we only care that they get here with a caption, which can be any words that you think, or someone thinks, go with the photograph. The photograph can be old or little or a slide or a negative or color or a Polaroid.

The easiest photographs for us to use are ones that can be sent via computer. The next easiest kind to use are ones that are mailed and that we don't have to send back. But we are happy to get photographs that need to go back to their owners as long as we get, along with the photograph, a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please. Don't let us discourage you. You can put darn near anything in a scanner.

By sending us a photograph, you give us permission to publish it on our Web site. If we choose it, we will let you know. We will have a new photograph every two weeks.

So then.

Send us photographs. Look at photographs on the site. It will be fun.

The e-mail address for images is The mailing address is: MothersPhotos; c/o; 22 Fourth St.; San Francisco, CA 94103.

Salon Staff

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