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Published April 17, 2000 4:22PM (EDT)

Ab-so-lutely decadent -- luxe foods

House and Garden
Noel Vera - 06:04 pm PST - Apr 8, 2000 - #484 of 510

"spiced with theft and danger. "
The only way to eat luxury foods.
General Santos in southern Philippines is the tuna canning center of the country, maybe the region; you can believe it that they have all-you-can eat, unbelievably fresh sashimi there (love sashimi; the texture, color and bouquet of that red, red flesh is so redolent of something I love to eat almost as much, if not more...)
Anyways, there's a restaurant here in Manila almost as good; they're called GenSan, after the town, and their specialty is grilled jaw of tuna.
Our table ordered one, and the waiter deliverd a smoking, blackened hunk of charchaol about a foot and a half long by a foot wide. We cracked the charred exterior, and inside was pounds of hot and steaming tuna flesh; dipped in a soy, chili, and vinegar sauce, it was incredible.
And it got better. You have to poke around and inside the pockets and corners of the tuna jaw; that's where the best parts are. Chewy yet tender ligaments; dark, buttery-soft bits of meat; crisp and fatty fishskin, almost like pork rinds in taste and richness...
A cup of pickled mangoes and a bottle of beer, and ho boy...

Elian Gonzalez: Enough is enough!

Social Issues
Nicole E - 06:51 am PST - Apr 13, 2000 - #1 of 67

Okay, first and foremost let me state my position on this issue. It is my fervent belief that this kid belongs with his father, period. This is, at the end of the day (for me) not about politics, or Castro, or Miami Cubans, or even about the laws of our nation, which have been violated left and right to keep this kid in this country. This is about a father and a son.
That said, this morning on NPR I heard that Janet Reno has ordered the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez to take Elian to an airport "outside of Miami" by 2 p.m. today in order to get on a plane to Washington. The relatives have said they are refusing to do this and that if Elian is going to go to Washington, government officials are going to have to come to their house in Miami and remove Elian by force.
This whole issue has bothered me from the get go, but this latest behavior by the relatives really is the last straw for me. Dozens of our nations laws have been violated, by the relatives and by the government, in order to enable what is for me the kidnapping of this child. These relatives insist they are looking out for Elian's best interests, but I ask you, is it in the best interest of a child to allow him to go through the traumatic, forcible removal from a home by government people?
The Miami relatives quite frankly turn my stomach. For months they have exploited this six year old kid to make a statement about their political views on Castro. I personally don't agree with Castro's politics or his government (although the stupid embargo should be lifted yesterday), but as far as I'm concerned YOU DO NOT STEAL A CHILD FROM HIS FATHER. Period.
If this kid were Haitian or Saudi or Mexican he'd have been on the first boat back.

Washed up after 40?

Bard Cole - 08:10 am PST - Apr 13, 2000 - #3 of 16

F. Scott Fitzgerald had good reason to believe he was washed up by 39. He was a screwed-up drunk about to keel over dead. The Fitzgeraldian/ Wolfian myth of inborn sensitivity and genius which can't help but express itself from the earliest age is, in part, a sociopathic self-delusion that left both of those guys dead atvery early ages.
Normal people, unlike tragic geniuses, are quite capable of marshaling enthusiasm, interest and skill for new projects throughout their lives.
Fiction's just fiction, anyhow... it's not ballet dancing or reciting odes in Homeric Greek. All you gotta do is tell a story.

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