Launches Vietnam War Anniversary Microsite

Features video streaming of Academy Award nominated "Regret to Inform"

By Salon Staff
Published April 24, 2000 1:45PM (EDT)

Today, (NASDAQ: SALN;, one of the leading Internet media companies, launched a unique destination site dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam War ( The site features original reporting and interviews from across the Web network as well as video streaming of the Academy Award nominated documentary, "Regret to Inform."

For one week, will feature the critically acclaimed film by Barbara Sonneborn, "Regret to Inform." Through interviews with American and Vietnamese widows who lost their husbands in the Vietnam War, Sonneborn -- whose own husband was killed in the conflict -- tells a compelling and chilling story about the long-lasting effects of war.

Beginning on Thursday, April 27, users will be able to view the entire film on the special Vietnam anniversary site using Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. A short preview of the movie, including vivid snapshots of the Vietnam landscape and a sampling of the film's soundtrack, is live on the site today.'s commemorative site will also feature dispatches from Vietnam by Salon News Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper. Tapper, who is part of the delegation accompanying Senator John McCain to Vietnam for the anniversary events, will report on the Senator's visit to the Hanoi Hilton and the site of his war-time imprisonment as well as his meetings with Vietnamese officials.

Also featured on the site will be an essay by veteran Vietnam War reporter Stanley Karnow, who attacks the current wave of conservative revisionism about the war as deeply uninformed.

"The aftershocks of the Vietnam War continue to be felt in America, in the families of people like Barbara Sonneborn who lost relatives and loved ones, as well as in political and military circles, where every overseas crisis is perceived as a potential Vietnam" said Editor-in-Chief David Talbot. "Salon is gratified to take the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of Saigon to reflect on the deeper meanings of this pivotal conflict."

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