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Salon's TV picks for Wednesday, April 26, 2000

By Joyce Millman
Published April 26, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)


It's spring break on Dawson's Creek (8 p.m., WB), and Joey and Pacey's
thoughts turn to nookie. Julia gets a job offer from a women's magazine on the
next-to-last Party of Five (9 p.m., Fox). On The West Wing (9 p.m.,
, the press gets hold of an explosive memo, written by Mandy, detailing the
strengths and weaknesses of the Bartlet administration. Greg denies that he's been
vandalizing Felicity's campaign posters, but Ben is unconvinced, on Felicity (9 p.m.,
. On Law & Order (10 p.m., NBC), a woman's body is found in a car
trunk, and the suspects include her husband and father-in-law. Quintuplets move into
the neighborhood on South Park (10 p.m., Comedy Central). Dr. Jennifer
MacLeod, director of Rutgers University's Center for the American Woman and Politics, faces the camera on
First Person (10:30 p.m., Bravo).


David Copperfield attempts to escape from a burning raft headed toward Niagara Falls
while locked up in chains on Copperfield: The Great Escapes (8 p.m., CBS).
Gee, think he'll make it? The new TV movie Miracle on the Mountain (9 p.m.,
stars Patty Duke and William Devane in the true story of a family's fight for
survival after their plane crashes atop a snowy mountain peak. Where's David
Copperfield when you need him?


Cubs at Astros (7 p.m., ESPN)
Dodgers at Braves (7 p.m.,

NBA Playoffs:
Raptors at Knicks (8 p.m., TNT)
Timberwolves at Trail
Blazers (10:30 p.m., TNT)


Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Susan Lucci, Chad Lowe, Jonathan Kozol

David Letterman (CBS) Dennis Quaid, Nicole Sullivan, Smashing
Jay Leno (NBC) Arsenio Hall, Melissa Joan Hart

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Cybill Shepherd, Jerry Springer
O'Brien (NBC)
Luke Wilson

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