Will Darva do it ?

Who's the movie star that's nasty to all the crew? Samuel L. Jackson! Katie Couric exposes innermost self. Plus: Former TV bride to bare all for Playboy.

By Amy Reiter
Published April 29, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

This was a four-day week for Nothing Personal, but what a mondo week it was for badly behaved celebs! On Tuesday, Samuel Jackson's alleged ability to offend his co-workers was highlighted. Then, on Wednesday, we had another installment in the ongoing series "Celebs Who Share Too Much"  like video tours of lower intestines. And, speaking of sharing, who should pop back out of the publicity cake on Thursday but the annulled one herself, Darva Conger -- in an item, which you can peek at below, that brought an astonishing number of readers to this column.

Read on and see why.

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Tuesday: "One bad mutha "

For weeks now, Samuel L. Jackson's been boasting that he's the private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks. And true, he is the star of the "Shaft" remake set to hit theaters this summer, but word is he's being royally shafted in the sex scene department. The New York Post reports that, after test audiences indicated the film's opening didn't have enough heat, Paramount will shoot a new steamy sex scene that involves Shaft, but not Jackson.

"Nobody could stand the idea of having to work with him again," one source told the paper. "So they found a way to do it without having him back. Him, his entourage and his private planes." And a Hollywood source tells me that word around town is "Sam was really a prick."

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Wednesday: "Rearview window"

Thanks to Katie Couric's on-air colonoscopy, Matt Lauer is living my idea of hell. "Every day, someone comes up to me and says, 'Because of Katie I got a colonoscopy,'" the "Today" co-host tells USA Weekend in next week's issue. " Kevin Kline just told me, 'Tell Katie I got it done.'"

That's inside information I, for one, could do without.

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Thursday: "Conger line"

So much for "I just want my privacy back."

Blushing "Multimillionaire" bride Darva Conger has reportedly agreed "in principle" to pose for Playboy in an upcoming issue wearing nothing but a smile. "She hasn't signed anything yet, but all the signs are heading in that direction. I would be very surprised if it didn't happen," Playboy spokesman Bill Farley told the New York Post this week. And, Farley stressed, we're talking full-frontal nudity here, folks. Nothing coy like, say, hiding the goods behind a bridal veil.

But while Farley's colleague, Elizabeth Norris, confirms that, if a deal were to be struck, Conger would appear in a "celebrity pictorial" rather than as a Playmate of the Month, she stresses that nothing's a done deal yet. "We do know her," she tells me. "She has been to some parties at the mansion." What's more, she says, "We think she's a real fox."

Interesting choice of words.

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Friday: "Tasteless in Jefferson County "

As if peddling grisly footage of the Columbine High School massacre for $25 a pop weren't tasteless and exploitative enough, it now appears that the Jefferson County, Colo., authorities set the murders to music -- without the permission of the artists. And Sarah McLachlan is not amused that her song was selected for the soundtrack to the carnage. McLachlan and her label, Arista Records, are demanding that her trademark song, "I Will Remember You," be removed from the exploitative video.

"Neither Sarah McLachlan nor Arista Records were ever approached for the usage of her music or image within the video being released. In fact, we are demanding that her song 'I Will Remember You' be removed from this exploitative video tape."

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