Expands Content Offerings on Wireless Devices Through AvantGo creates new potential revenue stream with advertising sales on AvantGo

Published May 5, 2000 10:58AM (EDT) (Nasdaq: SALN;, one of the premiere Internet media convergence companies, today announced that more content from its Web network is now available to users of Palm OS and Windows CE handheld devices through the AvantGo mobile Internet service ( In addition to the reporting and commentary from Salon News and Salon Technology -- available on wireless devices since July 1999 -- users can now download content from other critically acclaimed sites, including Books, Arts & Entertainment, People and Politics2000.

In addition, will sell advertising on the channel on AvantGo, leveraging its experienced national sales force to create an additional potential revenue stream. Hundreds of thousands of users have subscribed to the AvantGo mobile Internet service, which provides free interactive and personalized content and applications to users of Palm OS and Windows CE handheld devices as well as Internet-enabled phones. With AvantGo, users can select from popular content channels, including, to browse their favorite Web sites on their mobile devices.

"The deepening of our relationship with AvantGo is a crucial element in our strategy to make the 'always on' Internet media company," commented Michael O'Donnell, CEO and president of "As the market for wireless products, including handheld devices and Internet-enabled phones, grows, is positioning itself to be a leader in those areas."

"Since July 1999, wireless users have been enjoying's news and technology coverage on their handheld devices," said Ann Culver, director of partner marketing and development at AvantGo. "We are delighted that those users will also be able to read's thought-provoking coverage of entertainment, politics, culture and much more."

Users can sign up for the "channel" on AvantGo's Web site at:

ABOUT SALON.COM (Nasdaq:SALN;; AOL Keyword: Salon), founded in 1995 by David Talbot, is an Internet media convergence company that produces a network of 11 award-winning, original content sites and hosts two communities - Table Talk and The WELL. currently has relationships with more than 325 advertisers including industry leaders such as IBM, Lexus, Microsoft, EDS, Virgin Megastore Online and Intel. In December 1999, announced a content and equity agreement with Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation and NBC. Strategic distribution partners include America Online (AOL), Lycos,, AltaVista, Reuters, and CNet as well as wireless innovators AvantGo and Rocket eBooks. content is also syndicated to print publications through United Features Syndicate. The site had 3.4 million unique visitors in December 1999.

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