Free Software Project Bibliography

An incomplete listing of FSP research materials.

Salon Staff
May 15, 2000 1:25PM (UTC)

Like everything else about the Free Software Project, this bibliography is a work in progress. It is by no means complete, not even for the chapters that have already been uploaded. Every few weeks I add a few more books, papers and Web sites into the bibliography -- and since most of these resources are not available online, I thought it might be useful to include them here. Eventually, I also plan to add copious endnotes, but that may require going without sleep permanently.

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EDSAC 1 and after

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Villa Montalvo: The History of Villa Montalvo

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White, William Charles. An Album of Chinese Bamboos: A Study of a Set of Ink-Bamboo Drawings, AD 1785. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1939.

Wray, Stefan. Rhizomes, Nomads, and Resistant Internet Use

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