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"Dirty Dancing, the franchise." And, yes, fries do come with that shake.

Published May 15, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

Thought "Dirty Dancing" was as much a thing of the past as Jennifer Grey's old nose? Think again.

Last week, at the Cannes Film Festival, Artisan Entertainment and Miramax Films announced plans to make "Dirty Dancing 2," a sequel to the 1987 flick that had us all humming "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" for way too long.

But don't expect a nostalgic trip back to the Catskills, circa 1963. Oh no. This time the action will take place in present-day South Beach and be spiked with a Latin Miami twist.

According to Variety, Ricky Martin and Natalie Portman are in talks to reprise Patrick Swayze and Grey's twinkle-toed roles. It's also rumored that Swayze will make a cameo appearance.

So why the Forbidden Dance? Why now? "'Dirty Dancing' is a cultural touchstone and a phenomenal franchise property," opined Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein.

Just so long as the Lambada doesn't make a comeback.

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Holy Father

"He thinks this makes him God."

-- Jeremy Sisto on why his father's tickled to bits that he landed the role of Jesus in a CBS miniseries.

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When the cat's away 

Speaking of proud papas ... Does Michael Eisner know what his son's mouse is up to?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Disney CEO's son Eric Eisner is launching Romp.com, a raunchy Web site featuring photos of scantily clad babes as well as live-action and animated features that make "South Park" look polite.

Eric, 26, says his decidedly un-Disneyesque project is A-OK with Eisner, Sr. In fact, he says, his daddy thinks it's funny, not to mention "a successful business venture."

And, in the end, isn't that what good family entertainment is all about?

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Toss this man a lifeline

"It's become my life. I want vindication. It's affected my sleep. All I think about is that question. I just think about it over and over."

-- Former "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant Robert Gelbman, who is suing the game show's producers for $2 million claiming he was eliminated by a "vague and ambiguous" question, in the New York Post.

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Juicy bits

Is the Artist Formerly Known as a Squiggly Glyph hurting for cash or what? Prince is opening his Paisley Park Studios to the public for a week starting June 7 (his 42nd birthday). But a glimpse of the workspace won't come cheap; only fans willing to fork over $70 apiece (for a tour, a party and special appearances by "as-yet-unnamed guests," but not the man himself) will be admitted. "He's been wanting to do this for a while," Paisley Park official Jacqui Thompson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune last week. "He never tells us why."

Milos loves Monica! In an interview with the German paper Die Welt last week, Milos Forman (the man behind biopics "Man on the Moon" and "The People vs. Larry Flynt") was asked who he'd like to examine in his next flick. "Monica Lewinsky," he replied. "She has character." Get out your kneepads, Courtney Love.

Holy matrimony! Yet another celebrity couple got married last week. Noah Wyle and his blushing bride, makeup artist Tracy Warbin, got hitched in a vineyard in Los Olivos, California, last Saturday. Guests included Wyle's "ER" costar Eriq LaSalle and Lou Diamond Phillips, who reportedly treated his fellow celebrants to a heartfelt rendition of "La Bamba" during the reception. Blame the wine.

The gassy truth leaks out? Malcolm McDowell recently told Scotland's Daily Record that Stanley Kubrick originally intended to cast Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones in "A Clockwork Orange," but cast McDowell because he had a special talent. "Stanley loved the fact that I could belch on command. I used it a few times in the film and in subsequent films," said McDowell. "When you have a talent like that, you get it out whenever you can. It should be on my CV." You know, I'm suddenly feeling a little dyspeptic myself ...

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