The purse of the Barrymores

Jaid Barrymore busted for gun possession and illegal postering.

Published May 16, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

If you spent Mother's Day basking in the warmth of your mom, spare a thought -- won't you? -- for Drew Barrymore.

Barrymore's estranged mother, Jaid, was arrested in New York Monday on gun possession and criminal mischief charges.

According to the Associated Press, the elder Barrymore was nabbed hanging posters (illegally) for a rock band in Manhattan around 2 a.m. Police searched her purse and discovered a loaded .357 Magnum handgun, so they booked her for criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief and illegal postering.

But it isn't likely that Jaid used her one phone call to summon her daughter. The two haven't been in touch for years -- and Jaid's recent attempt to auction off her daughter's baby clothes on probably didn't exactly smooth things over.

Though it might be a handy way to raise bail.

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Lessons learned from Drew's mom

"I really did want to keep it. They told me they needed to do further testing, but I'm sure it will soon be a hot-ticket item on eBay."

-- Comedian Tom Green (Drew Barrymore's boyfriend) on the whereabouts of his excised cancerous testicle, in Time magazine.

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I'll be there for you ... if you pay me enough

If you've ever pondered the value of a good "Friend," here's your answer: $750,000.

That's what each "Friends" cast member will be paid per episode under the terms of a new deal with the show's producer, Warner Bros. The hefty fee is a big leap from their old per-episode fee: $125,000.

What's more, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc have also doubled their share of syndication rights, which will net them considerable extra cash.

And you always wondered how they could afford those huge New York apartments ...

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Oops! ... She Did It Again

"I want to be a legend like Madonna. That is what I pray for every day."

-- The ever-quotable Britney Spears, who claims to be not just like a virgin, on the sorts of things she and God discuss.

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Here's Johnny!

You don't know Jack. At least not the way a woman named Catherine Sheehan claims to.

The Associated Press reports that Sheehan has filed a lawsuit against Jack Nicholson, alleging that, four years ago, the actor offered to pay her $1,000 for sex and then assaulted her.

Although Nicholson paid her $32,500 as a settlement in the case, she now wants that settlement rescinded as she pursues general and punitive damages and reimbursement of her medical and legal fees.

According to Sheehan's claim, Nicholson asked her and a friend to wear "little black dresses" and ... uh ... service him, but then refused to cough up the dough and got "loud" and physically abusive. Before kicking the women out of the house empty-handed, she contends, Nicholson told them he never had to pay for sex because he could "get anyone he wanted as a sexual partner."

But apparently not anyone in a little black dress.

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Take note, Jack

"I am widely regarded as an evil, profligate dwarf."

-- Roman Polanski, contemplating his own tainted image in the U.K. Telegraph.

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Juicy bits

Mr. Plastic meets Mr. Playboy. The perfect actor to slip into Hugh Hefner's smoking jacket in an upcoming biopic of the Playboy founder? Why, Jim Carrey, of course. The flick's producer, Brian Grazer, thinks the erstwhile Ace Ventura would be "great" in the role. "Hef has made it clear he wants someone with humor," said Grazer. That and the ability to make love to three women at once ...

And speaking of Carrey's taste in women ... He's got a little more of Renie Zellweger to squeeze these days and, according to her, "He's actually just fine with it." In preparation to play weight-obsessed diarist Bridget Jones in the upcoming adaptation of the hit Brit book, Zellweger is munching mass quantities of Mars Bars and cream pies in order to pack on 15 extra pounds. "I'm getting ready for the [pregnancy] rumors to start," she told the press at Cannes. V. funny.

Call it a security complex. Wesley Snipes is in negotiations to buy 300 acres of land in Georgia to build a training camp for security agents to the stars. Hey, some actors buy restaurants ...

No such thing as a small part? Tell that to Shannen Doherty, who reportedly had herself blurred out of the penultimate episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" at the last minute. Why? E! online reports that Doherty wanted more cash than the producers were willing to pay. The Los Angeles Times contends she thought her role was too marginal. And the actress's publicist maintains that she was too busy working on "Charmed." The blurred witch project?

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