G.W. has his finger on the pulse! So a question about "Sex and the City" didn't refer to real, live urban nooky? At least he's heard of the Afghan supergroup Taliban!

Published May 22, 2000 1:49PM (EDT)

W. Bush
needs to watch a little more TV.

When Glamour magazine's national affairs editor, David
asked him to share his thoughts on "Sex and
the City"
during a recent interview, the candidate
flipped his lid.

"The face of the man who would be president blistered in
purple fury," writes France in the magazine's June issue.
Glowering, he gave the writer "the politician's equivalent
of a pro-wrestling belly-butt!"

The candidate's media coordinator rushed to explain that the
question referred to the popular HBO show -- not to, you
know, real, live urban nooky -- but Bush's anger was slow to

And perhaps it was residual ire that kept Bush from
responding to France's inquiry as to his view of the
Taliban, though the writer repeated it twice.

"Finally," writes France, "I slid him a clue: 'Because of
the repression of women -- in Afghanistan?'"

"Oh," Bush blurted. "I thought you said some band. The
Taliban in Afghanistan!" His assessment?

So much for the women's vote.

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The hills
are alive with the sound of primping

"Being glamorous is a huge effort ... It is not an easy
thing for me to do. But, sometimes, it's just great to think
that the old bod can still get it together."

-- Julie Andrews on the rigors of fabulousness, in
the U.K. Telegraph

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for the moneyed

In star-studded Florida, the real estate market is hot, hot,
hot ...

Telecom executive Peter Loftin has agreed to buy
Gianni Versace's Miami Beach palazzo at a price far
above the record $16.2 million Sylvester Stallone
paid for his bayfront Miami mansion in December. Although
the purchase price for the 12-bedroom, 13-bath,
20,000-square-foot home has not been disclosed, Versace's
relatives put it on the market for $23 million in August.

Meanwhile, over in Clearwater, Kirstie Alley has
snapped up fellow Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley's
5,200-square-foot waterfront home for $1.5 million.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, the palatial
property, which Presley purchased as a second home for $1.2
million in 1996, had been on the market for two years before
the "Veronica's Closet" star bought it, also for use as a
second residence.

The sprawling complex -- which boasts a pool, a spa, a patio
and a dock stretching into the harbor -- is conveniently
located just a few blocks away from the Church of
Scientology's spiritual headquarters.

L. Ron Hubbard would be so proud.

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"There's a part of me that feels, unless you make a martial
arts film, you're not a real filmmaker."

-- Ang Lee, whose new martial arts flick, "Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon," is the talk of Cannes

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There's no accounting for taste. Despite orders to stay away
from Axl Rose, rocker stalker Karen McNeil,
39, apparently showed up Tuesday at his California hilltop
estate -- and was promptly arrested. According to police,
the Guns N'
frontman "called deputies at 8 p.m. to report a
stalker was trying to enter his property." Sounds like the
little lady has a real appetite for destruction.

In other stalking news ... Madonna's beau, British
director Guy Ritchie, was arrested last week after
attacking an overeager fan lurking outside of the rented
London home he shares with the singer (who's pregnant with
their child) and her daughter. "The victim's injuries were
minor and did not require hospital treatment," said a police
spokeswoman. Ritchie is out on bail. Is anyone else having a
Sean Penn flashback?

By Amy Reiter

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