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Published May 24, 2000 1:00PM (EDT)

31 May

Economic Reports

10 a.m. Commerce Department releases report on new homes sales April.
10 a.m. Commerce Department releases report on first quarter electronic

19 & 23 June

RNC Chairman Nicholson Announces Policy Hearings

WASHINGTON (May 26) - RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson today announced the scheduling of two hearings to gather ideas and input to be presented to the
Platform Committee in advance of this summer's Republican National Convention.

The first hearing will be on June 19th in Dayton, Ohio.

The second will be on June 23rd in Billings, Montana.

"The Republican Party is the party of ideas," said Nicholson, "and the ideas
and proposals that will be contributed during these hearings will be helpful
when the delegates to the Platform Committee begin their deliberations and

The Platform Committee is chaired by Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, and
co-chaired by Senator Bill Frist and Representative Susan Myrick.

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