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Salon's TV picks for Monday, May 22, 2000

Published May 24, 2000 7:23PM (EDT)


Donna moons in a yearbook picture on the season finale of That '70s Show (8 p.m., Fox). On the season ending King of Queens (8 p.m., CBS), Doug and Carrie are poles apart on where they want to spend their vacation. Daddy is not happy when Mary announces she's not going to college on the season finale of 7th Heaven (8 p.m., WB). Ally McBeal (9 p.m., Fox) takes a page from the "Cop Rock" songbook and delivers a musical for its season finale. Cast members break into song over such crises as Biscuit's birthday blues and Ally bringing her new beau to meet her parents. Randy Newman -- who wrote the songs for "Cop Rock" -- also does the honors here. On the season finale of Everybody Loves Raymond (9 p.m., CBS), we flash back to Robert's marriage for some insight into how his self-esteem got so low. The American Experience (check local times, PBS) presents "George Eastman: The Wizard of Photography," a profile of the inventor of the Kodak camera, which put picture-taking into the hands of average folks.


NHL playoffs:

Devils at Flyers, Eastern Conference Finals, Game 5 (7 p.m., ESPN)

NBA playoffs:

Trail Blazers at Lakers, Western Conference Finals, Game 2 (9:30 p.m., TNT)


Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Tom Cruise

David Letterman (CBS) Michael J. Fox

Jay Leno (NBC) En Vogue, kid chefs

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Billy Corgan, Julia Stiles

Conan O'Brien (NBC) Jason Priestley, Stockard Channing (rerun)

Craig Kilborn (CBS) Michael Rapaport

By Joyce Millman

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