The Napster dispute

"Metallica's actions will cost them"

Published May 24, 2000 6:47PM (EDT)

Napster fans to Metallica: Prove it!

What Metallica doesn't seem to want to acknowledge is that their actions are going to cost them in record sales in the long run from fans that they have alienated. Never underestimate the power of the consumer to spurn a supplier, particularly when that supplier has been preaching about fighting against the Establishment for the last 15 years.

-- Eric Streem

While other MP3 Web sites battle with the major labels about free MP3 music, has been providing MP3 music that the major labels do not own and cannot shut down, the music of the unsigned independent artists. The artists put their audio tracks online at Joesgrille to gain exposure and develop fans and to sell CDs. If fans enjoy the free music, some of them may pay to get the whole CD. The artist wins, the cyberconsumer wins, and online music steps into the future.

-- Darragh Nagle

By Salon Staff

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