Mommy smearest

It's spillsville for Jaid Barrymore, splitsville for Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley and the slammer for Bobby Brown.

Published May 25, 2000 2:44AM (EDT)

No. 1 on my list of mothers I'm glad aren't mine? Jaid

In just a few short months, Drew's mom's behavior has gone from
bad (that attempt
to auction off her daughter's baby clothes online)
to worse (getting arrested for
gun possession on Mother's Day)
to utterly mortifying.

Now, according to the New York Daily News, she's shopping around a tell-all
autobiography that'll make Cybill Shepherd's "I slept with everyone
and their stunt double" confessions sound downright prudish.

Barrymore claims to have bonked Jim Morrison, Jackson Browne, James
and Kiefer Sutherland. And if she didn't ... ahem ... dance
with that wolf Kevin Costner, it wasn't for lack of trying on his part.

Then again, Costner may not have shown quite the imagination of
Warren Beatty, who allegedly requested a threesome with both Jaid
and Drew. (A request I can only hope was denied.)

"It's Jaid's attempt to set the record straight," her agent, Sheree
told the tabloid. "Jaid's and Drew's lives have been an open
book for years, but Jaid has sat around all these years while lies have been
told about her."

Much of the book will come as a surprise to Drew, Bykofsky maintains, but "it
should go a long way toward healing their relationship."

Funny, that's just what Warren said.

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Shoulda called it "Live
Fucking Aid"

"It's elastic, seductive, blunt, persuasive, sexy and flexible. It can be a verb,
a noun, an adjective, anything."

-- Bob Geldof on his favorite word, "fuck."

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A sad day on Notting
Hill ...

Time has apparently done what Divine Brown couldn't: driven a
splintery wedge between Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley.

The longtime lovers have announced that, after 13 years together, they'll be
going their separate ways -- at least for the time being.

"It is a temporary thing. It is a mutual and amicable decision," said a
spokeswoman for the couple's production company, Simian Films.

The couple will continue to share a house, but won't have to worry about
bumping into each other for a while. (He's filming "Bridget Jones'
in England; she's on her way to America to work on her next

In an apparent attempt to quell the rumors raging through the British
tabloids that Hugh has been playing around on Liz, the spokeswoman added
that the duo "would like to stress that there are no third parties involved."


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Thoughtful to the

"In my last big parts, I kept thinking, 'Suppose I die in the middle? What is it
going to cost everyone?'"

-- Sir John Gielgud, who died Sunday at age 96.

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Juicy bits

The nutty director? Jerry Lewis is set to direct a new comedy,
"Truffles," which revolves around an American chef working for the French
president who goes undercover to investigate a truffle-trafficking scam.
Lewis will also take a small role in the film, which begins filming in Paris in
January. The aging comedian says he's looking forward to returning to
France because, "I will walk down the Champs-Elysees in Paris and get hugs
and kisses thrown at me." Unless Mickey Rourke gets there first.

In other old-guy news ... Larry King's wife birthed the couple's
second child: Cannon Edward King. I hope, with a name like that,
the little feller came out like a shot ...

Another monkey toucher! "Saturday Night Live" star Will Ferrell has
signed on to appear in "Dieter," Mike Myers' big-screen version of
his SNL sketch "Sprockets." He'll play Dieter's American cousin, Bob Sheeder.
No word on whether or not he'll wear a fez.

Bobby Brown really doesn't have his wife's luck with the
law. Whitney Houston's hubby has been ordered by a judge to
remain in jail in Florida until June 19, when his case will be heard. He's
accused of testing positive for cocaine while on probation for drunk driving.
After hearing the news, Brown turned to his lawyer and said, "It's not fair,
man. It's not fair." Tell it to the judge.

It's called the boob tube, Ed. Attorney Ed Masry, of
fame, is joining fellow lawyers F. Lee Bailey, Christopher
and Gloria
on an upcoming syndicated court TV show. On the show, the
lawyers will duke it out on behalf of people who, according to Variety, "would
normally not have access to such high-powered legal representation." No,
that doesn't include you, Bobby Brown.

By Amy Reiter

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