Nothing Personal: If you have a fit, you musn't hit

Report: Enraged girlfriend put the whomp on O.J. The real reason for Grant and Hurley's split. Plus: President Clinton on the, ahem, bigness of "Baywatch."

Published May 26, 2000 5:13PM (EDT)

Here's one for the "what goes around, comes around" file ...

Police were summoned to Miami's Wyndham Hotel Wednesday on a domestic violence dispute involving O.J. Simpson. This time, Simpson was the alleged victim.

According to a police report, Simpson's 25-year-old girlfriend, Christie Prody, got into a fight with the ex-football star, during which she "became enraged and began striking" him.

But although the report and witnesses contend Prody "slapped and kicked" the crap out of Simpson, he showed no visible injuries and refused to press charges.

"There's been a misunderstanding," he told a Miami TV station. "She wasn't fighting me or beating me."

Prody's mother, Cathy Bellmore, for one, believes him. The outburst, she told, "doesn't sound like Christie." She suspects that her daughter is covering up for Simpson.

"The minute I think that things have settled down, something else happens," Bellmore said. "It seems more and more like a Nicole and O.J. relationship all the time."

Gas up the Bronco.


Political popster -- not!

"I'll probably vote whatever my mom or my dad says."

-- Britney Spears on her plans at the ballot box.


Perry scary news

A new liver for Matthew Perry?

The U.K. Sun reports that the "Friends" star -- who recently spent two weeks at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a stomach flu -- has been readmitted to the hospital and told he needs a liver transplant.

"At first everyone thought it was just a nasty stomach bug," an unnamed source told the paper. "They've come to the conclusion that his liver is simply shot to pieces and that he needs a transplant."

The British tabloid speculates that Perry's past addiction to painkillers could be to blame. As of press time, the star's publicist -- in all likelihood still reeling from calls about Perry plowing his Porsche into a Hollywood Hills home a few days ago (drugs and alcohol were said to not have been a factor in the crash) -- had yet to comment.

Hope Perry's Friends meant that "I'll be there for you" stuff ...


They've been called worse

"Intern is French for slave."

-- Bill Cosby, in a commencement speech for New York's Fashion Institute of Technology on Tuesday.


Juicy bits

Mike Tyson may be scorned by legions of women throughout the world, but he's got at least one leggy supermodel on his side: Naomi Campbell, who declared Wednesday that the problem-plagued pugilist is her very favorite sports star. "I know it's not a popular view," Campbell said, "but I admire Tyson's passion and his self-belief. He started with nothing, but succeeded." At least she didn't say John Rocker. ...

Kilt trip: David Duchovny paid tribute to his mother's Scottish roots by showing up to Wednesday's U.K. opening of "Return to Me" in full tartan regalia. "My mother made Scotland a part of our lives," he told Scotland's Daily Record before the premiere. "I still love haggis and porridge. She also made clootie dumpling, which we'd have at Christmas and Thanksgiving with custard." Consequently, he said, "Genetically, half of me feels home. I don't know which half but there's some kind of a pull." Given that he wore nothing underneath his kilt, I'm guessing that pull was from the lower half.

Has news of "Baywatch's" death been greatly exaggerated? David Hasselhoff thinks so. "'Baywatch' will not die," he tells the upcoming issue of Us Weekly, citing its strong ratings and wide syndication. After all, he says, it even got the presidential seal of approval at one point: "Clinton turned to me during our jog and said, 'Did you think 'Baywatch' would be as big as it is?' I said, 'Sir, I never thought in my wildest dreams the president of the United States of America would ever utter the two syllables 'Baywatch.'" 'Course, it wasn't just any POTUS ...

The real reason Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley split? The London Times says it's because Grant wants to spend more time with his ailing mom. The Daily Record contends it's because Hurley would rather spend time with a new pet dog. But Hugh's old friend Divine Brown offers another theory: "All [Hurley] had to do was call me and I would have given her some tips. Hugh wanted something different." Now she tells her.

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