Who tattled on Tommy Lee?

Mr. Pamela back in stir; the comedy stylings of Bob Dole? Eddie Van Halen scores an ounce of prevention; Jodie Foster: No. 2 on the way? Plus: Clinton caught cheating!

Published May 31, 2000 7:01PM (EDT)

Some people never learn.

Tommy Lee has just spent five days in the slammer for allegedly returning to his hard-drinking ways while on probation for assaulting his sometimes spouse, Pamela Anderson Lee.

What's more, after learning of the rocker's purported transgressions, L.A. Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira also extended his probation until May 26, 2003, and ordered him to be randomly tested for drugs and to sign up for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Although the hearing took place behind closed doors, speculation is swirling that it was Pamela who ratted about Tommy's tippling to the judge.

What'd she do, get it on videotape?


Lingerie of the gods

"Have them made into pairs of underwear. They'd be nice and soft."

-- Designer Cynthia Rowley on what fashion followers can do with those passi pashmina shawls cluttering up their closets, in Entertainment Weekly.


He can Dole it out ...

If you're like most Americans, you've often found yourself thinking, That Bob Dole is so funny! Why doesn't someone put him on a comedy TV show?

The geniuses at Comedy Central have apparently read your mind. They've booked the pen-gripping former candidate as a regular political commentator on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart."

"I had other offers from serious programs to do [election] analysis," Dole tells TV Guide. "I thought, 'Why do I want to go on and second-guess every candidate?' Some people have been picking apart the candidates. That's not my bag."

What is his bag? (Don't you dare say "Elizabeth.") Comedy, baby, yeah. And those Viagra ads were just the tip of the iceberg. Dole says his sense of humor has been underrated for years, but that he had to curb his wit when the press mistook his quips for "serious things when I was obviously joking."

So what can you expect from the fresher, funnier Bob Dole? According to "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, his new colleague has a "very dry" wit with "a bit of [Bob] Newhart" in it. He's funniest, Stewart says, "when he's just riffing."

Comedy: It's as easy as falling off a stage.


Fore! Liar's ... golf?

"Playing with the president was weird. He shot a 90. At the end of the game, his scorecard said 84."

-- Fourth-ranked NCAA golfer Bryce Molder on his recent round of golf with President Clinton at Chenal Country Club in Little Rock, Ark., in Maximum Golf magazine.


Juicy bits

Is Jodie Foster carrying baby No. 2? The U.K. Mirror reports that the actress has told friends she's 11 weeks along with a little brother or sister for her son, Charlie, who will turn 2 in July. Consequently, she's cut back on work at her film company, Egg Productions. "She has been such a wonderful mother to Charlie that it was only a matter of time before she became pregnant again," one "associate" told the tabloid. "It was always Jodie's intention to have more than one child." Well, all things considered, it'd be a pretty big stretch to suspect it was an accident ...

If a mime artist leaves the stage during a riot and there are thousands of people around to hear him, does he make a sound? Marcel Marceau fans may have discovered the answer to that age-old question during a recent performance by the mime. According to the BBC, the 77-year-old performer cut short his show in Mexico City after spectators rushed the stage he was performing on in order to get a better view. Visibly shaken, Marceau fled the stage. Guess it felt way worse than getting trapped in an invisible box ...

Eddie Van Halen sure knows how to make his fans jump. A statement on Van Halen's official Web site says, "Eddie is planning to begin an outpatient clinical trial to prevent cancer. No further information is being released at this time." Another site, The Van Halen News Desk, suggested the rocker was being treated for cancer of the tongue. But it turns out that "prevent" may be the operative word. "There is some inaccurate information out and about," Jane Brust, spokeswoman for M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where Van Halen was examined, told Reuters Tuesday. "Let me confirm that he does not have cancer." Are we clear?

The media is apparently not done with John-John just yet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox Television Pictures has optioned the rights to Wendy Leigh's 1999 bestseller "Prince Charming: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story" with the intention of airing a two-hour movie early next year. "From the moment he was born, the world fell in love with John F. Kennedy Jr.," said Fox TV veep Marci Pool, "and the desire to revisit his life remains undiminished." Trust us, it's diminished.

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