Silverstone spills all

Alicia on proper pooping, mother's milk and things of that ilk; Did Prince William nick the bubbly? Plus: Quentin Tarantino's seedy love!

By Amy Reiter

Published June 1, 2000 7:06PM (EDT)

Got milk? Don't give it to Alicia Silverstone.

The "Clueless" star won't touch the lactic beverage -- and she'd rather you steer clear of it, too.

"Once you know where milk comes from, you will not want to eat it," Silverstone tells TV Guide online. "I mean, it's like pure mucus. It's just creepy."

Heck, it's, like, beyond creepy. It's downright unnatural.

"No other species drinks milk from any other species. It's completely mental," admonishes the die-hard vegan. "Little baby calves, once they grow up they stop drinking their mother's milk, just like we stop. You would never go drink your mom's milk now, it wouldn't happen."

And don't even get her started on the subject of meat, which she also eschews. She says it's tantamount to "eating euthanization drugs" and recycled road kill.

The bright side to passing by that cheeseburger? Just look in the terlet!

When she stopped eating meat and dairy products two years back, Silverstone says, "I started pooping right!"

God knows how she did it before.


A better buddy than Britney ever was

"She sings 'The Hello Happy Song.' It's so cheesy, but it puts a smile on my face."

-- Christina Aguilera, extolling the virtues of her most loyal friend, her "Hello Kitty" doll.


Juicy bits

What does it take to royally piss off Prince Charles? Lift his bubbly. The U.K. Mirror reports that Charles is hopping mad after discovering that six bottles of champagne (worth about $33 apiece) were swiped from his private offices. He's ordered police to investigate the case; they suspect it was an inside job. Oh ... William?

Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll ... and antiques? Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has confessed to the U.K. Sun that he's addicted to old furniture.

But, alas, fame sometimes gets in the way of scooping up a good bargain.

"A lot of my furniture was bought in flea markets," he tells the tabloid. "But people know I've got money so I can't get knockdown prices." Careful, the monkey'll kill ya, man.

Her pregnancy attempts will go on ... Celine Dion is reportedly recovering after having two minor operations at a New York fertility clinic last week. "Two small operations, performed on Thursday the 25th and Sunday the 28th, have compelled me to remain in bed for a few weeks of convalescence," the singer, who has said she and her husband/manager Rene Angelil long for a child, told Le Journal de Montreal.

Celine might want to talk a little baby-making strategy with Cheryl Tiegs. The model and her husband, Rod Stryker, expect to become parents of fraternal twin boys at the end of July, according to USA Today. And it's all thanks to a surrogate mother.

"We had many agonizing talks about whether to go this route, but this is right for us," Tiegs, 52, told the paper. She expects Stryker to share in the parental duties, but, she says, "he's not sure he'll be able to handle the delivery room." Maybe they need a surrogate father, too.

Speaking of which ... Jodie Foster, it turns out, does not have a bun in the oven after all. The actress's spokeswoman has put the kibosh on the pesky pregnancy rumor, guessing that someone must have overheard Foster saying that she might like to have a playmate for her 2-year-old son, Charlie. "Then it became the telephone game," she told the New York Daily News, "and suddenly they have her already pregnant. She's not." At least ... not yet.

Pulp fact or fiction? The New York Post reports that Quentin Tarantino was spotted with three "bodacious" babes at a New York club last Friday night. And the foursome was doing more than just drinking. At one point, according to an unnamed source, the group grabbed chunks of martini-destined watermelon and "rubbed the watermelon on each other and then started kissing each other." Did the report elicit cries of outrage from the Tarantino camp? Not exactly. In fact, the director's rep told the paper, "Watermelon is Quentin's favorite fruit." Now that's what I call a seedy romance.

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