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"This is so much better."

By Letters to the Editor

Published June 2, 2000 7:38PM (EDT)

Salon to readers: You win! (06/01/00)

Thank you for listening and even more for taking your readers' criticisms to heart. This is definitely the first time with any magazine I've ever read that I feel like I'm in a partnership -- your product is important to me, my reaction to it is important to you. What a concept!

-- Tony Loncich

This is so much better. Each column has its own purpose, the home page doesn't feel so cluttered, I can link straight to the stories I want and there's a separate well for breaking news. I don't mind scrolling down to the bottom of the screen to go through the story list -- hey, that's what the mouse/arrow button is for. No need to try to squeeze everything into the dimensions of the actual computer screen. Your readers are loyal and they will scroll!

-- Nina Nowak

I'm so sorry to see you caved in to the complaining minority. Your (recently gutted) redesign took all of five minutes to get used to and thereafter became as comfortable as an old sweater.

The re-redesign is a huge step backwards. And I'm tripping all over myself scrolling up and down the overly long, vertical-integrated presentation of current articles.

Take me back to the future!

-- Randy Varcho

Thanks for having the common sense to admit that although it wasn't broken, you tried to fix it. The current design's navigation bar at the top is useful, clear and unobtrusive, and you've come back to the simplicity and ease that characterized your previous layout.

If only Apple and Microsoft could learn this lesson.

-- Paul Silverman

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