No sympathy for ex-girlfriend of one of "100 Most Eligible Bachelors"

She's "a major reason many men are still bachelors."

By Salon Staff

Published June 13, 2000 7:13PM (EDT)

Marriage material? BY CATHERINE R. MILLER (06/09/00)

Catherine Miller's "Marriage Material?" was one of the most ridiculous pieces I've seen in your usually fine publication. It's a shame that Miller's relationship with the person she believes to be the love of her life ended, but the relentlessly bitter tone she took throughout her piece erased any sympathy I may have had for her. I fail to see how Miller's personal experience with one of People's "100 Most Eligible Bachelors" means that the other 99 are also self-centered intimacy-fearing heartbreakers who can't dress themselves or cook, although I must admit to being somewhat impressed that Miller managed to take gratuitous swipes at her ex in a public forum by disguising it as social commentary. Miller's ostensible reason for writing the article is laughably flimsy. Does anybody actually think that the average Salon reader needs to be told that People magazine might not be the ideal place to look for a mate? Anybody who is seriously pursuing that issue with the intent of contacting one of the featured bachelors is probably already beyond reason. There's probably an interesting, insightful and humorous article to be written on the social aspects of the "100 Most Eligible Bachelors" issue, but this was definitely not it.

-- Tracy Williams

The lady who wrote this article is a major reason many men are still bachelors. The article reflected a lot more about her self-centeredness and controlling nature than it did about his shortcomings. She described the poor man as if he were a piece of property. No one likes to be referred to as a "fixer upper." My guess is the poor bachelor just got tired of being henpecked all of the time. His comment about "not seeing marriage in his future" was probably just a polite and humane way to tell her "enough is enough."

-- Jim White

Catherine Miller is obviously bitter, but she is a victim of her own pomposity. When she wrote "[t]hese are the kind of guys ... you get involved with hoping you'll change them," she told the whole story. Afraid-to-committers, lookers-for-mommies and run-of-the-mill assholes would have reformed way back in middle school were it not for reinforcement from handywomen like Miller who think they can polish up their guys.

-- Greg Bacon

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