Daddy Dearest: A Look at Fatherhood

For Father's Day we publish a week of words and images that tell the dad stories that consume us at this time of year.

By Salon Staff

Published June 13, 2000 7:54PM (EDT)

Monday, June 12, 2000

An introduction to the series
By Jennifer Foote Sweeney

Maternal chauvinism
Dad's greatest obstacle to parental parity is Mom
By Cathy Young

The New Dad
Who are my role models? Hugh Beaumont? Robert Young? Neil Young?

By Jonathan Kronstadt

Daddy Dearest Comic
Materials my dad used before I was 12

By Renee French

Table Talk: Men don't suck at this
Honoring Table Talk's Fathers Who Think

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Hip papa
Now that it's cool to be a dad, all you need is love and a Land Rover stroller. And maybe a pint.
By Steffan Chirazi

The secret life of Dad
He stood up to John McCain to protect me -- and never told me.
By Amy Silverman

Daddy Dearest: Comics
The Great Pretender
By Brian Biggs

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

"A policeman had to pry me away from him"
As far as the law is concerned, once your dad is in prison, he's not your dad anymore.
By Nell Bernstein

My father loved me as a child
But when I became an adult, he decided that he never wanted to see me again. And he didn't.
By Yona Zeldis McDonaugh

Daddy Dearest: Comics
Craig Thompson<!--
By Yona Zeldis McDonaugh -->

Thursday, June 15, 2000

My father's legacy
He left me a reading list and a chaste warning about self-abuse. I devoured one, ignored the other and, eventually, became acquainted with the total literary experience.
By George Packer

A wiggy shrink in yellow bell-bottoms
Once I stopped expecting my father to be ordinary it got easier to accept his polymorphously perverse personality.
By Annie Auguste

Daddy Dearest: Comic
Daddy Knows Best<!--
By Mira Friedman -->

Friday, June 16, 2000

Dad liked vodka best
So I stole his baseball glove that had supernatural powers.
By Lynda Barry

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