No dot-com movies? What about ... ?

"Obviously the author didn't see the most hilarious movie based on dot-coms"

By Salon Staff

Published June 15, 2000 7:14PM (EDT)

So where's the dot-com movie?

Obviously the author didn't see the most hilarious movie based on dot-coms and technology called "Office Space" about two years ago. It was overlooked by the public, but video buyers have discovered how funny and realistic it is. Check it out.

-- Li Wright

Interesting premise, but in fact a movie HAS been made about the days when the Web was "young and giddy." A documentary called "Home Page." The film premiered at Sundance in 1999, was broadcast on HBO Signature that summer, and in November was the first film ever to be released in its entirety on the Internet (at simultaneously with its theatrical release. Roger Ebert called "Home Page" "groundbreaking," and singled it out as one of his favorite documentaries of the year. "'Home Page' bubbles with the heady excitement of the Web's early days," he wrote. For those who missed it, "Home Page" will be the premiere presentation of the Independent Film Channel's new broadband initiative, DV Theater, and begin broadcasting on IFC on July 19.

-- Doug Block
director-producer, "Home Page"

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