Three-way radio

A minage ` trois is broadcast over Finnish radio, leading to a legal investigation.

By Jack Boulware

Published June 16, 2000 7:30PM (EDT)

One of the richest sexual fantasies is a threesome, a triangulation of sexual activity involving members of both sexes. Studies consistently show that this is the most popular of male fantasies. If people never try this entangling of limbs at least once, they'll think about it the rest of their lives.

Now imagine a threesome occurring live in the studio of a radio station. Clear away some records and CDs, spread out some blankets and throw pillows on the floor, strategically place a few microphones to record every sound, assign an informal rotation schedule to the participants involved, and hit the button, which will broadcast it across the airwaves.

That's what happened in Finland recently. But as this minage ` trois filtered through the radio sets of Finnish listeners -- as children stopped their bicycles to hear the activity, as Helsinki shopkeepers stared at their radios in disbelief, as the arctic fox and other creatures of the forest lifted their heads in puzzled curiosity -- ears were burning over at Finland's THK national telecommunications center.

According to wire services, the Kiss FM radio station invited two women and a man to live out their sexual fantasy on the station's morning program. The three participants, Haidi, Miia and Kaide, got busy with their bad selves, and the ensuing orgy -- "Oh, God, Kaide, give it to me!" -- was beamed out to a potential audience of thousands across the towns of Finland.

Officials at the government's THK were not at all pleased with the new twist on radio's traditional morning show, and are investigating whether the broadcast was breaking the law. A THK spokesman said the inquiry is intented "to establish whether the program in question infringed on television and radio legislation."

Kiss FM is apparently part of the SBS international network, and could have broken laws designed to protect children from pornography. A University of Helsinki law professor also pointed out that Kiss listeners could even sue the radio station for indecency, because Finnish law bans any sexual activity if it causes a public nuisance. Even if members of the public don't see the act, and only hear it, they can still file a complaint.

The investigation continues. Creatures of the forest were not available for comment.

Jack Boulware

Jack Boulware is a writer in San Francisco and author of "San Francisco Bizarro" and "Sex American Style."

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