Fatal attraction or dumb and dumber?

Angelina and Billy Bob prove that you can screw your brains out; what Christina Aguilera really wants. Plus: Rupert Everett -- Jolie and Thornton on line 3. They say it's urgent!

By Amy Reiter

Published June 16, 2000 6:00PM (EDT)

How big is Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton's love for each other? So big, so huge, so overpowering ... why, it's damn near fatal.

"You know when you love someone so much you can almost kill them?" Jolie inquires in the upcoming Us Weekly. "We nearly kill each other ... I nearly was killed last night, and it was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me."

"I was looking at her sleep and I had to restrain myself from literally squeezing her to death," Thornton explains, adding that sex is "almost too much" for them, that they suspect they might spontaneously combust from it. "It's so intense that sometimes we can look at each other and think, 'You know what, we can't get into this right now or something's going to happen.'"

"There's actually a sixth sense" to their lovemaking, he says.

But if Thornton doesn't exactly see dead people while they're going at it, Jolie is a little worried he could. "The other day we were mentioning how I needed to get one of those heart monitors on me, because I'm convinced I'm going to have a heart attack" mid-thrust, she says. "He kissed me the other day and I nearly fainted. I swear on my family's lives ..."

And we know how she feels about her family.

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"I'm just a sex machine to both genders. It's exhausting. It's no wonder I need so much sleep."

-- Rupert Everett, marveling at his own prowess in the London Sunday Times.

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The Body eclectic

It's a wrap. Jesse Ventura taped his appearance on "The Young and the Restless" on Wednesday, despite a case of on-air jitters.

"Every good actor always has some butterflies -- you want to give the best performance you can give," the Minnesota gov told Reuters. After all, it was a turn on what he considers "the best show on television."

"The plots are so real-life, they're the meat and potatoes of what goes on in the real world," he said. "You get your favorite characters, people you don't like, people who stick it to them, and you're always interested to see how they are going to work their way out of situations. It goes on and on much as life does."

But Ventura's less nervous about whether or not people will watch the soapy segment, on which he plays himself, when it airs on July 10. "I'm going to declare [the day] a holiday and encourage my constituents to watch," he said.

Big fluffy slippers and bon-bons, anyone?

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What a girl really wants

"I always had this fantasy of working in a fast-food drive-thru for summer. It seems like a cool job.

-- Christina Aguilera on her Frialator dreams, in Heat magazine.

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Juicy bits

Guess it just isn't Matthew Perry's year. The unfortunate Friend has asked to have his name withdrawn from Emmy Award consideration because he was accidentally entered in the best actor category, rather than on the supporting actor list. It seems the "Friends" cast has an informal agreement to seek nominations only as a supporting actor. Perry's publicity office was responsible for the error ... but you gotta figure, what with the flu fuss, the Porsche/porch fuss and the liver fuss, they were a little on the busy side.

Score one for the paparazzi. The California Supreme Court has ruled that Alec Baldwin will have to pay $4,500 to a celebrity photographer whose nose he smashed in 1995. The actor said he punched Alan Zanger (whom he caught mid-videotape), broke his glasses and sprayed his truck with shaving cream in self-defense. Who needs Mace when you've got Barbasol?

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