Joe Conason vs. David Horowitz on the Gore scandals

By Salon Staff

Published June 30, 2000 7:09PM (EDT)

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David Horowitz writes to tell us that the Clinton-Gore administration is the "most criminal, most corrupt, most cynical administration in American history."

Surely Horowitz did not sleep through the 80's, so he must be aware that the Reagan administration set the record for the most presidentially appointed officials to be indicted by Federal grand juries. Or maybe he can explain the over 100 indictments as the result of a cynical political attack by the "liberal" justice system.

Maybe not. After all, wouldn't that make Horowitz a "Reagan-excuser," or even a "Reagan lackey?"

-- Jason Hamilton

The Clinton-Gore administration "the most criminal, most corrupt, most cynical administration in American history?" Horowitz really needs to brush up on the Harding and Grant administrations. Good books on both subjects are available from his local public library.

-- Erik Ledbetter

David Horowitz is one of those dittoheads who believes that "accusations" equal "convictions." In point of fact, the Clinton/Gore administration is living up to its claim to be "the most ethical administration in history." The number of felony convictions of cabinet-level people for something related to government is ... zero. The number of misdemeanors is ... one. (Cisneros, and that barely counts since it was really about his time in Texas.) Bush Sr. pardoned more Reagan/Bush potential felons than that.

If Horowitz has any, you know, evidence, he needs to get it to someone -- anyone -- fast. So far, the right has done nothing but sling mud that hasn't stuck. The half-vast right wing conspiracy is in denial.

The Republicans are so corrupt that they wouldn't recognize an honest man if they saw one. They shouldn't drag the rest of the country down to their level.

-- David E. Romm

This guy can't be serious. Nixon was kicked out of office for "18 minutes of erased tape?" How about breaking and entering, criminal conspiracy, misuse of office, etc., etc.? Clinton has certainly had his share of misdeeds, as did Bush and Reagan before him. But to compare any of them, or any other president, to Nixon, well, that's a crime. Please, Salon, spare us this man's profundity in the future.

-- Dan Bowman

Thank God you have someone on your staff who recognizes the truth. And, even though you lean so far to the left that you might fall off the wall, you deserve credit for publishing a view that I feel sure you don't share. However, as my sweet Mother used to say -- where there's smoke, there's usually a fire -- with this corrupt bunch the whole forest is ablaze!

-- Ashleigh Bizzelle

Joe Conason says the notion that Janet Reno is covering for Al Gore is ludicrous on its face. Well let's take a look at the face.

-- The Buddhist outreach event netted $65,000 for the DNC.

-- Buddhist nuns admitted to reimbursing event goers for being a conduit for funds

-- Maria Hsia, event participant and organizer on behalf of the Vice President has been convicted of illegally generating campaign funds

-- Louis Freeh, Charles LaBella, Robert Litt,and now (presumably) Robert Conrad who all work or worked for Reno, have recommended an independent or special counsel to investigate the matter

-- The investigation has been going on since September 1997 (almost three years!). If this is such a simple case, why has it not been resolved? Perhaps on the face of it, Reno is stalling until after the election to "resolve" it. Any thoughts, Mr. Conason?

-- Gore's answer to similar documented incidents has been to excuse his lack of knowledge due to improper bladder control. I think the last time I used that rationale, I was about six years old.

I would agree with Conason that the word "ludicrous" is apt in describing this latest Clinton-Gore fiasco but certainly not the way he sees it.

-- Dan Anderson

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