In hangover hell

By Cynthia Kuhn and Wilkie Wilson

By Salon Staff
July 5, 2000 11:52PM (UTC)
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As a second-generation Irish-American who is a lawyer to boot, I know more than I should about the next-day effect of ethanol consumption. You are likely going to be deluged with suggested hangover remedies, but I write anyway to supply my own because it contains the one secret ingredient that I have never heard other supposed cures include, and mine actually works. First thing in the morning (or better yet, in the middle of the night when you wake up with the alcohol-induced insomnia), take ibuprofen, wash it down with as much Gatorade as you can stomach and ... (drumroll) take a decongestant. Keep up with the Gatorade and the decongestants all day. I am happy to report that faithful observance of this regimen has left me hangover-free throughout my storied drinking career. Salud!


-- Laura M. Hagan

This discovery came from trying to see what supplements would help the osteoarthritis in my spine. Incidentally, I observed that many of the supplements that I was taking noticeably decreased the morning-after pain that most of us recreational drinkers become accustomed to.

Here is my regimen, take it or leave it:


1) Multivitamins are gods if you take them at night before you go drinking. If you take them in the daytime, they are all used up when it comes time for you to polish your liver.

2) I take multivitamins high in B before going out. My preference is GNC's Men's Ultra Mega capsules. (Note that I have no financial arrangement with GNC, nor do I own its stock.) These capsules are easy on the stomach and can be taken without food. This alone removes most of the pain of the day after.

3) MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) is a compound I take to help regenerate my cartilage and, surprisingly, it seems to help with the "oogy" feeling you get in your gut the next day. However, if you are a martini fiend, there is nothing I know of to help you with the next day's "vodka belly."


4) Coenzyme Q: I take two 50 mg capsules before bed, and the next day, I can wake up with energy and start the day like it is Wednesday, not post-binge day.

If you do not care to follow the entire regimen before you go out drinking, then you can take these little miracle workers before you pass out. But if you must take only one, take the multivitamin high in B complex. You will thank me the day after.


Enjoy your lack of hangover.

-- Alex Zavatone

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