31 Ejaculations: No. 25

I walk in. Everybody's naked. I can do this.

Published July 7, 2000 7:00PM (EDT)

I walk in. Everybody's naked. A woman, looking like someone who would check out my groceries at the supermarket, hands me a hat check for my clothes and keys. As I strip, I'm thinking OK, I can do this. I find a bartender, naked of course, passing out soft drinks. I guess they don't like getting too fucked up. Responsible. Or maybe afraid of dead wood.

Nursing a Dr Pepper, I wander. Every room I go in, people are fucking. Or they're just naked and talking, like they just fucked. Some are slow-dancing, cheek to cheek. I'm thinking, I only have one or two loads here, better find somebody I like. So I'm sniffing all over the place.

Which is cool with everybody, because they're all exhibitionists. I mean, why would they be at an orgy if they weren't, right? And then I see this skinny chick with kind of saggy large breasts walking through the kitchen. Not the kind of person I would date or chase, but I like her eyes. I wouldn't mind finding out what she feels like. So I start following her around from room to room. She's playing hard to get, but I know she's interested. And then I lose her.

I end up in this viewing room where an old video starring Barbara Dare is running on a huge screen. It's kind of dark so I can't see what's going on and then I figure it out. There's a guy in the corner jerking off. He smiles up at me, dick in hand. I exit the room as Barbara shouts out "YEAH! YEAH! OH YEAH!"

I make it downstairs and there's a bunch of people screwing on ugly couches next to a pool table. From the looks of things, they interrupted the game to clusterfuck. I start to feel left out and lonely.

I roam around some more, make it to the back porch and there's a tallish, thin woman standing by herself, smoking a cigarette, keeping an eye on some people playing with each other in the pool. I stand next to her and she smiles at me. Then she takes my hand and leads me back inside to a room that's got no furniture, only black carpeting on the floors, walls and ceilings. She takes me in her arms and we slide into sex.

As I start to come, I close my eyes and think this isn't bad. Not bad at all. I start to moan, so does she. I really get into it, doing the jackrabbit speed hump. For some reason this is more intense than any sex I've ever had in my life. We haven't said one word. I buck and yell. I can feel her get all slippery inside, wow, she's coming too! I yell out loud. And then ... and then I open my eyes. It doesn't make sense at first, all I can see are people's feet. I look up. We are surrounded by smiling people. Then the applause starts. And now someone's stroking my butt.

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By Eric Bogosian

Eric Bogosian's new book is "Operation Nemesis: The Assassination Plot that Avenged the Armenian Genocide" (Little Brown). He is best known as a playwright, novelist and actor. He wrote and starred in the play, "Talk Radio" (NYSF - 1987; on Broadway starring Liev Schreiber- 2007), for which he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and the Tony award. For his film adaptation of the play, Bogosian received the Berlin Film Festival "Silver Bear." His six solo performances Off-Broadway between 1980 and 2000, (including "Drinking in America", "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll" and "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee") received three Obie awards. In addition to "Talk Radio", Bogosian has written a number of full-length plays including "subUrbia" (LCT, Second Stage, also adapted to film), "Griller" (Goodman), "Red Angel" (Williamstown Theater Festival), "Humpty Dumpty" (The McCarter), 1+1 (New York Stage and Film). He is also the author of three novels, "Mall", "Wasted Beauty" and "Perforated Heart" and a novella, "Notes from Underground." He is a Guggenheim fellow.

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