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Pam's ex met man he recognized in jail, almost killed him; bizarre news about George of "Big Brother"; guess who's been officially cast in "Star Wars: Episode II"? Plus: Former bodyguard trying to sell book on Eminem's sex life!

By Amy Reiter
July 14, 2000 8:00PM (UTC)
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Tommy Lee: Victim?

The former Mötley Cr|e drummer tells Us Weekly that he's "so hurt" that his sometime wife Pamela Anderson turned him in to the authorities for violating his parole by drinking, he doesn't know how to cope.

"I'm not sure how I'm ever going to deal with her again," he says. "Obviously, I've got some trust issues."


What's more, Lee maintains that while he did "kick [Anderson] in the butt, and that was wrong," he never hit her and was only acting in self-defense. "I didn't know what to do after getting punched in the face," he says.

He also didn't know what to do while serving out his jail stint, and at one point even considered taking his own life. "One day I actually said to myself, 'I'm going to take these pants off and tie one leg around my neck and the other around the light and do it.' Then I thought, 'That is so chicken, Tommy. You've got two little boys; you have a life.'"

And even though being the kind of guy with, in his words, drama "stuck on my shoe like duct tape" isn't easy, he found hope in the darkest times. "The best thing that happened [in prison] was I met Tommy in there. I learned acceptance. In the end all you can do is change yourself."


Or you could, you know, rip off the duct tape.

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Listen up, Tommy Lee

"Good judgment comes from experience. Sometimes, experience comes from bad judgment."

-- Christian Slater on lessons life has taught him.

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Oh, brother ...

Even the first "Big Brother" scandal is kind of a yawner.

The wife of contestant George (the wacky Midwestern roofer) has told Entertainment Tonight that her husband has a shocking skeleton in his closet: He killed a man.

But hey, it was an accident, and afterwards, he felt really, really bad about it.


It happened about 12 years ago, when George was out hunting with a buddy. He climbed up on an icy log while his friend tried to scare up some game, slipped and mistakenly fired his rifle, fatally wounding his friend.

George wandered off and was found, dazed and confused, a few hours later.

And now he and his fellow dull-as-dirt contestants are boring the rest of us to death. Stop him, before he kills again.


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Naughty Newhart?

"Frightfully boring ... Luckily, the bestiality thing never came out."

-- Bob Newhart on his upcoming A&E Biography.

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Juicy bits

The Force is apparently with Jimmy Smits and Christopher Lee. They've both officially been cast in "Star Wars: Episode II." The former "NYPD Blue" star will portray Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, and British horror film veteran Lee will play a "charismatic separatist," whatever that means. Appearing in the film "will be more than another part," says Lee. "It will be another 'arrow in my quiver.'" Or rather, a little extra oomph in his light saber ...


What a Yank! A source closely connected to casting "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" has told that rumors of the production's Americanization were grossly exaggerated. "This will be a British Harry. Not a single person in this film will be anything other than British," says the source. "People will actually be shocked when they see how faithful to the material we've been."

The latest member of Eminem's entourage to try to cash in on the rap star's notoriety? Byron Williams, a former bodyguard who's peddling a book on Mr. Slim Shady's sex life. Williams tells the New York Daily News he was often called upon to hide Eminem's dalliances from his wife, Kimberly, and says he blames the rap star's roving eye for her recent suicide attempt. Because clearly, other than that, he was an ideal husband in every way ...

Poor Mrs. Brady. NBC has announced it will pull the plug on the ratings-challenged "Later Today," featuring lovely lady Florence Henderson, on Aug. 11. According to USA Today, Henderson may get an ongoing gig on "Today," to which she'd assuredly bring a certain Wessonality.

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