Pamela Anderson actually a dumb blond

High schooler finds "Baywatch" brainiac's ATM card in ATM; Marky Mark settles downy down, and lots more. Plus: Brooke Shields says yes.

By Amy Reiter
July 19, 2000 10:00PM (UTC)
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In case you need further proof that Pamela Anderson isn't the brightest tassel on the swimsuit ...

During a shopping jaunt to a Malibu mall on Sunday morning, the actress formerly known as Pamela Anderson Lee wandered away from a bank machine midtransaction, thoughtfully leaving her card behind for the next person to happen along.


When Kristina Pentek, a New Jersey teenager in town for a youth conference, stepped up to the machine, it prompted her to withdraw money. Confused, she ended the transaction, and was startled when the machine spat out the former "Baywatch" babe's card.

"I couldn't believe it when the card came out, it said 'Pamela Sue Anderson,'" Pentek's chaperone, Loretta Jaccoma, told Reuters.

The card was soon returned to its rightful owner, who blurted, "Oh, I can't believe I did that. I'm so stupid."


And there you have it.

Anyone taking bets on how long it takes the bank to release the video?

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It's not the size of the award show ...

"I'm uncomfortable discussing, as you know, length about anything. But let me just tell you that no matter what, it's going to feel longer than it is. It's not the length, it's how we use the Emmys."


-- Garry Shandling, host of this year's Emmys, on whether the award show will be too long again this year.

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Marky Mark models monogamy

Looks like Mark Wahlberg might be spending his boogie nights with his girlfriend, actress Jordana Brewster, for some time to come.


Not only has George Clooney's better half begun boasting that he's "a hopeless romantic" to anyone who'll listen, he recently told the U.K.'s Heat magazine that he's big into monogamy.

"I really have this idea in my head of having children and spending the rest of my life with one woman. Good, old-fashioned romance," whinnied Wahberg.

And now even his mother's getting in on the act. Last week, Alma Wahlberg found herself staving off a gaggle of gals in Provincetown, Mass., eager to get a gander at what lies beneath her son's prosthesis.


"He has a girlfriend," a source tells me Mark's mom stammered shyly.

But Mrs. Wahlberg was apparently a little more brazen upon meeting Mark's buddy Clooney at the premiere of "The Perfect Storm." Marky told her the erstwhile Dr. Ross had a filthy mouth on set, so she marched right up to him and asked, "How the ?%&$*@ are you, George?"

Way to shock 'em, Mommy Mom ...


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So he's never been a tight end

"I've never played the game, but certainly it's not like I'm on the medical channel with Denton Cooley."

-- Dennis Miller, defending his new role as a Monday Night Football commentator.

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Juicy bits

Did CBS inadvertently reveal the winner of "Survivor" via the inner workings of its Web site? (Read no further if staying a few steps ahead of the tribal council will bum your island high.) An astute observer of the Survivor Web site has discovered (and revealed on that CBS has created crossed-out images for all the contestants except for Gervase Peterson, Mr. "Women Are Cows" himself. CBS refuses to comment. And the rest of us refuse to show we care.

And if you're still not convinced that reality TV bites ... CBS is contending with yet another PR nightmare -- this one surrounding "Big Brother." The New York Daily News recently reported that contestant and "youth-group leader" William Collins also goes by the name Hiram Ashantee -- and is a follower of Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who was ousted from the Nation of Islam for his anti-Semitic comments (among other things, he dubbed Jews "bloodsuckers"). And the fact that Collins may well be the first to be voted out of the "Big Brother" house is not exactly good news for the network, since it's promised that the first reject will take questions from the TV critics currently assembled for their annual press tour in L.A. At which point, we'll find out who the real bloodsuckers are ...

Suddenly ... engaged. Brooke Shields' ring finger sure wasn't bare for long. Word recently seeped out that her boyfriend, TV writer/producer Chris Henchy, had had a New York jeweler design a snazzy diamond ring for the "Suddenly Susan" star. And Monday, Shields' publicist confirmed that her client accepted Henchy's proposal. "He took her away for the weekend and asked her on Saturday night," said her publicist, Mia Ricchiuti. "I don't really know any of the details, but she did say yes." Take that, Andre and Steffi.


Coming soon to a bookshelf near you ... Marianne Gingrich's tell-all autobiography. Newt's ex says she's writing the book to help the public "read the white spaces between the words in the newspapers." She hopes to "shed light on some of the activities in Washington and encourage people to think differently about politics." And to think twice before they marry a two-timing, double-crossing rat fink ...

Dennis Rodman's going dry. The cross-dressing hoopster was ordered by a California judge to attend a three-month alcohol treatment program and pay a $2,000 fine after he pleaded guilty to drunken driving charges on Tuesday. His lawyer said he'd already enrolled. If only there were a 12-step program for compulsive hair-dying.

Cameron Crowe to Tom Cruise: You complete me. Variety reports that Cruise is in preliminary talks to re-team with the "Jerry Maguire" scribe/director on an untitled love story. You can stop screaming "Show me the money!" any time now.

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