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By Daryl Lindsey

By Salon Staff
July 20, 2000 11:45PM (UTC)
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I don't get it. Is the argument that gay sailors who use drugs should get a pass? That they shouldn't be subject to subterfuge to expose their illegal activity?

I'm not homophobic. I am, though, tired of gay conspiracy theorists who appear to continually search for new examples of "oppression."


Stick to legitimate examples of prejudice. Fight the fights that should be fought.

-- Patrick McMahon

The military has given many weak rationalizations for its anti-gay witch hunts, but the Navy's explanations for cracking down on gay bars to hunt for drug dealing insult the reader's intelligence. The Navy supposedly picked the bars that it did because it needed to investigate rave clubs, but if J.R.'s is a rave club, the Hirshhorn Museum must also qualify. We are also asked to believe that in Washington, D.C., a city known internationally for drug dealing, the Navy could not find any straight establishments to check for drugs.


-- David Edmondson

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