Dropped like a chalupa

By Gary Kaufman

By Salon Staff
July 24, 2000 11:20PM (UTC)
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It is a real shame to retire the Taco Bell Chihuahua. I had not eaten Taco Bell food for over 20 years because of the overspiced, greasy filling they used in their tacos. Because of the Chihuahua, I actually tried their food again, and to my horror, they were still using the overspiced, greasy excuse for meat filling. Maybe they should replace their recipes, not the dog.


-- Susan Bergquist

I cannot believe the dog is being dropped. I have five of the plush toys and stop in to try the specials occasionally only because of the dog. They will lose business, including mine.

-- Karen Martin

I must express my disappointment in Taco Bell's decision to change its advertising focus away from our little canine friend. Everybody already knows how cheap its food is, so ads to that effect would be redundant. The Chihuahua is so adorable and is easily identifiable with Taco Bell; I always get a chuckle out of seeing his latest antics. I even own all the collector pups in the series. What a shame.


-- Amy Cobb

I think it would be a bad mistake to do away with the Taco Bell dog. He's funny and entertaining, plus I think it would bring in more business. I know every time I saw the commercials I always got hungry for tacos. Give the dog another chance. It's not the dog, it's the writers.

-- Debra Briggs


Yes! There is still a modicum of sanity and good taste left in this sorry, sorry world. I, for one (a person who did occasionally eat at Taco Bell), hated the smarmy dog ads so much that I completely stopped going there.

If, in fact, Taco Bell's sales were flat two years ago and down six percent last year, I can only conclude that it's all the fault of whoever came up with the idea for that damned dog. I'm glad to hear that Taco Bell has seemingly been in the tank for two years as a result. It means it's possible that there are just enough of us who have not been turned into zombie consumers and have just enough power left to still make a difference.


Now all we need to do is stop buying Pepsi so they give Little Miss Saccharine her final "pa-pa-pa-pa-pa." Until then, I guess I'll just have to go get me a can of RC Cola to go with the enchirito I'll be having for lunch.

-- Jim Moran

Hey, it's the Hamburglar here. Look, I know how that Taco Bell dog feels. One moment, you're king of the fast-food commercials: "Top of the world, Ma!" Then Mayor McCheese won't make eye contact. You can read the signs. Pretty soon, you're bustin' ass just to get voice-over work on the drive-in messages. "Would you like to try our nachos grande today?" Yeah, that's me. I ain't proud of it, but it beats rippin' off burgers. It's work.


-- Christopher Baskind

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