"Big Brother" -- the story so far

By the Salon Arts Staff

By Salon Staff
July 25, 2000 11:15PM (UTC)
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Finally, a series of articles that captures how interesting the show could have been. The scary part, of course, is that reading these articles on Salon gives depth and meaning to a program that is utterly devoid of humanity. What's worse is that it's excruciatingly boring. After reading all the pre-show hype (including an excellent piece in Brill's Content) many of us had hopes for some high drama. No such luck.


-- Aron Solomon

My vote for the most obnoxious person on "Big Brother" who needs to be banished at once and forever is the sarcastic and intellectually challenged host, Julie Chen.

-- Sally Culver

I'm a bit surprised at your somewhat-biased take on Mega's ouster from that crappy TV show.


Firstly, he was unquestionably and unfairly ambushed with the questions about his association with the New Black Panther Party (which he pointed out to the show's host in what I thought was a very diplomatic way). Though he was ambushed, he answered the questions honestly.

Secondly, Mega will certainly be missed by anyone who made the mistake of looking to "Big Brother" for entertainment. His smartass shenanigans and the obvious complexity and depth of his personality (in stark contrast to the rest of the housemates), plus his penchant for fucking with not only his housemates but "Big Brother" itself, made him the only reason to watch the show. I would have loved to watch Mega reduce everyone, including the show's producers, to tears for the next three months, but oh well. From now on I have no reason to tune in.

-- Tom Vick


I've only managed to watch three of the shows, and I found them incredibly tedious. I hope Salon continues this feature so I can at least keep up with the discussion of the show. I've even got a headline for you: "Salon watches 'Big Brother' -- so you don't have to."

-- Sue Trowbridge

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