Hustling hormones

By Carol Mithers

By Salon Staff
July 26, 2000 11:41PM (UTC)
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Articles like these illustrate the ample undercurrent of selfish delusion in American society. The act of procreation is a natural, biological process. Usually, if one can't have children, there's a good (biological) explanation for it. Guess what? If you can't have kids, you should learn to live and deal with it. Reproduction is not a right (not to mention an awesome responsibility that so few parents are meeting when they dump their little bundles of joy off at a daycare center for strangers and surrogates to raise so they may continue to pursue their materialistic, two-income, status-symbol acquisition).


Fertility drugs are volatile compounds -- one need look no further than the aftermath of the Iowa septuplets' birth (and the many defects) to see the scientific truth in that.

-- John Martin

It was wrong to put this article under the heading "Mothers Who Think," because Carol Mithers obviously isn't thinking. She waited later in life to have children, fine. But when No. 2 didn't come as easily as expected, she should realize her body was done. The back flips she's doing for a second child is ridiculous. If she has that much energy, money and time, why not use it on the child she already has? Has she forgotten her already?


-- Sheila Burnham

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