"31 Ejaculations"

By Eric Bogosian

By Salon Staff
July 28, 2000 11:36PM (UTC)
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Bogosian's "31 Ejaculations" is a fascinating, bang-on, insightful and important examination of the multifaceted, fucked-up and often misunderstood male libido. His descriptions of many and varied sexual encounters and, particularly, the climaxes, are a powerful means of revealing the complexity behind his narrators' motivations. The 31 ejaculations were so different, yet each contained something to which I could relate. Kudos to Bogosian for demonstrating how male sexuality is nowhere near as banal and brutal as widely thought.


-- Tony Martins

I just wanted to let you know that I was disturbed, disgusted, dismayed and utterly shocked at the vile series of utterings by Eric Bogosian. Anything less than that and I would have been really pissed off. Thank you.

-- Brett Merritt


Eric Bogosian's 31 Ejaculations are full of cheap stereotypes and cheap porn. The man has outdated ideas of men and women, and very little imagination.

-- Timothy Clifton

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