The Concorde's deadly price of luxury

By Diane Seo

By Salon Staff
July 28, 2000 11:33PM (UTC)
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Amusingly tart though Diane Seo's description of the Concorde as the plane that uses Rolls Royce engines may be ("Ask any Rolls Royce owner how much it costs to change the hubcaps"), it's neither fair nor particularly accurate.

Rolls Royce has been making aircraft engines since 1914, and their products hang under the wings of dozens of models of commercial airliners, including plain Jane Boeings and Airbuses.


Many things distinguish the Concorde, but using Rolls Royce engines isn't one of them.

-- Erik Ledbetter

I think your conclusion is flawed that air travel ` la the Concorde is in jeopardy. There has never before been a Concorde crash. According to your own article, "The only major scare involving a Concorde came in 1979, when a bad landing blew out a plane's tires."


With all due respect to the victims of the recent crash, it would seem the safest transportation anywhere would be via the Concorde.

I would tremble more getting into an automobile on American streets than taking a seat on the Concorde.

-- Jeremy Johnson

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