Fighting "Cheech & Chong" medicine

By Daniel Forbes

By Salon Staff
July 31, 2000 11:02PM (UTC)
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Thanks again for continuing to expose the unconstitutional and fraudulent lengths to which drug czar Barry McCaffrey continues to go in order to undermine democracy, the will of the American people and plain common sense. McCaffrey is clearly out of control. He attempts to use popular media to push his point of view on the public, then lies and denies any wrongdoing when called on the carpet.


-- R.C. Cook

Forbes' article seems to emphasize the hysterical nature of the ONDCP's campaign against the therapeutic use of marijuana without getting into the really cynical aspects of it. What I'd like to know is to what extent ONDCP is supported and motivated by the policies of pharmaceutical manufacturers who, in spite of the prohibition on therapeutic cannabinoid research, already market synthetic substitutes.

Considering that enough of the synthetic substance to carry a patient through a light round of chemotherapy can retail at roughly $1,800, there would seem to be an enormous incentive to deny patients a natural substitute that they might get for $50.


A family member who recently started chemotherapy quipped that the stuff was supposed to prevent nausea, but the bill nearly made her puke. Heh.

-- Rob Clark

Another victim of McCaffrey's sick-minded assault on our freedom was Peter McWilliams. Author of "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do," Peter died while under house arrest on marijuana charges. He was facing a maximum five-year sentence in a federal prison, even though he was using marijuana for his AIDS-induced nausea under Proposition 215. He would not have died if he was allowed to have control over what went into his body.


When are we going to stop killing our innocent neighbors?

-- Josh Sutcliffe

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