Portraits of the Philly protests

Snapshots from the demonstrations at the Republican Convention.

By Daryl Lindsey
July 31, 2000 10:00PM (UTC)
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The massive Corpzilla (corporate Godzilla) was the offical mascot of the Unity 2000 protests in Philadelphia Sunday. The cab of the 18-wheeler is dressed up as a dragon; a pork-barrel pig representing the excesses of capitalism cast his eyes at mud wrestling protesters truckin' on the rig's flatbed.


George W. Bush is the subject of many crude jokes at the protest -- one group passed out "official" marijuana seeds "legalized" by the Texas governor, with his face adorned over a plant "Little Shop of Horrors" style; another peddled Bushoncrack.com T-shirts, buttons and stickers. Others, like this young woman, are more provocative.


The protesters aren't just bashing Republican-nominee Bush; Al Gore's pro-business tendencies earn him the pejorative title of "plutocrat."

John McCain's campaign may have crashed and burned, but his message of campaign finance reform is alive and well at the protests.


Chiapas, in papier mâché! The protesters are a diverse lot. The Free Mumia contingent is out in force, as are those calling for the closure of the School of the Americas and fighting for autonomy in Mexico's Chiapas region.

A religious conservative counter-protester argues with a Unity 2000 protester.


An elderly couple protests the absence of third-party candidates at this fall's presidential debates.

With so many political agendas at Sunday's event the message was often muddled, but this 18-foot-tall high walker's message is perfectly clear.

Daryl Lindsey

Daryl Lindsey is associate editor of Salon News and an Arthur Burns fellow. He currently lives in Berlin and writes for Salon and Die Welt.

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