Can Jenna survive Playboy?

Island fever! Last week's "Survivor" castoff says she'd pose nude "for the money"; Jerry Hall goes starkers onstage. Plus: Cyndi Lauper slams the creation of bubble gum "Lolita" pop stars!

By Amy Reiter
Published August 2, 2000 6:00PM (EDT)

You can blame CBS, Sean Kenniff (the alphabetical-order-voting "Survivor" who hit the "J" names last week) or butt-baring Richard Hatch for leading by example. Me, I'm pointing the finger straight at Darva Conger ...

"Survivor" castoff Jenna Lewis is thinking of joining the Conger line and slipping off her trademark pink bikini to pose for Playboy.

"They've asked me and they've asked Colleen. I think we're the only two that they've approached," the recent island reject tells the Toronto Sun.

But while Colleen Haskell, who is still in contention for the show's million-dollar prize, turned the magazine down cold, Jenna's toying with her swimsuit strings and fixing to pull -- if the price is right.

"I would do it a lot for the money. No joke," said the 23-year-old mother of two. "I didn't win the million. I don't know, but I would definitely hold out for a big offer."

Something along the lines of $500,000 sounds like a pretty good consolation prize to her.

Playboy spokesman Bill Farley says he's unable to confirm the offer. But, he tells me, "Jenna has been a guest at several Mansion events and is expected to attend this weekend's 'Midsummer Night's Dream' party at the Mansion, which is generally Hef's biggest and most lavish." What's more, he points out, "Darva Conger also attended several Mansion events before appearing in the pages of Playboy, so nothing is really out of the question."

As for Jenna, she may be partying with Hef and Co. instead of Gervase and the gang, but she's still strategizing like an alliance member back on Pulau Tiga. "It may hinder some of my other career moves," she says, "but it would also take care of me and my daughters for many, many years to come because I would act responsibly with the money."

And it sure beats eating rats for a living.

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The next nude Mrs. Robinson

"From my vantage point in Row A, Seat 20 in the dress circle, it could have been Jerry Springer. I squinted and leaned forward. Supermodel Kate Moss -- sitting three seats away -- gave me a dirty look. "

-- Dominic Mohan, reviewing Jerry Hall's dimly lit towel-dropping debut in the West End production of "The Graduate," in the U.K. Sun.

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Girls just want to have fun ... and rip on their successors?

Cyndi Lauper is worried about Britney Spears and her fellow bubble-gum popsters. Deeply concerned. They are, she says, victims of cultural pedophilia.

"What's so sad is these little girls they're making into Lolitas," the '80s icon tells the Scottish Daily Record. "If you truly stop and think about what the songs are that they're singing, that doesn't come out of an 18-year-old. They don't have that kind of experience."

In fact, she says, "the propaganda that you are now feeding into the youth is a pedophiliac type of prostitution for the young kids today."

Humbert Humbert everywhere? Perish the thought.

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Behold the royal rubber!

How far would you go for a glimpse of Prince William's used rubber?

The U.K. Sun reports that a surf shop in the Cornish resort Rock has seen a steady increase in through-traffic after the royal family rented wet suits there a few weeks back. It seems gapers are coming from far and wide to get a load of Wills' once-worn waterwear.

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Even quicker if you don't

"It's a quick journey -- if you get there."

-- Posh Spice on the Concorde.

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Myers' monkey to get the Spielberg touch?

Now is the time in the Sprockets saga when they dance. Or at least stop beating on each other, Springer-style.

Just when you thought it was growing tiresome, Mike Myers' scuffle with Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment over the "Dieter" disaster may be winding down, thanks to Steven Spielberg.

According to Variety, Spielberg has managed to help the two sides broker a settlement that would keep them out of court -- and has earned himself and DreamWorks a foothold on the stalled project should it ever go forward.

Now he is as happy as a little girl.

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