Gays blast Lynne Cheney's denial about her daughter

By Dave Cullen and Daryl Lindsey

By Salon Staff
Published August 3, 2000 7:41PM (EDT)

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I believe it is a huge step in the right direction for the Republicans to have Mary Cheney as a positive role model for all of America to see. In the past the Republicans have too often demonized gays and lesbians as immoral and subhuman. Mary's presence will do more than any rhetoric can do to move the party beyond the hateful demonization of people. Go Mary!

-- Peter Wood

I know what it's like to be left behind in the political process. My father has been a high-ranking state official for 30 years (16 as speaker of the state assembly) and I have been out of the closet for 20 of those. He tries to embrace me and my partner, but finds it difficult to "have to" explain my relationship to his colleagues. Once politics gets in your blood, you'll do anything to get to the top of the heap, even if it means leaving behind the ones you love because they don't conform to the party platform. I wish the best for Mary Cheney and her partner.

-- Mike Dini

Lynne Cheney denies that her daughter is outspoken about her lesbian sexual orientations. This comes as a surprise to the many thousands of gays and lesbians who know her and her girlfriend well.

But what does not come as a surprise is that the Republicans are attempting to create this atmosphere of "tolerance, peace and harmony" which exists only in a thematic way.

At its heart is the ancient Christian maxim to "love the sinner, but hate the sin." And Republicans over the past eight years have made it quite clear what the sins are; Lynne Cheney, like her husband, have made it abundantly clear that they agree that one of the sins is homosexuality.

-- Troy Masters

This is insane! Why is everyone trying to read something sinister into Lynne Cheney's comments about her kids? I watched the interview, and for the life of me I can't remember any hint of embarrassment or shame in Cheney's response. So now (after how many years of moaning about the Clinton scandal?), the fourth estate is raising its self-righteous cry against a woman who, as it happens, isn't even running for public office, because she refuses to drag her family into the political spotlight! And lest a million conservative and liberal political groups launch their crusades over this single interview, let's all review one crucial fact: Cheney never said her daughter wasn't a lesbian.

Heaven forbid Mary Cheney, an adult, would be afforded the luxury of outing herself as a national political figure. In fact, I'd have been disgusted if Lynne Cheney had politicized her daughter's personal life to boost the GOP platform.

-- J. W. Hart

By claiming that "there's no reason for gays to vote for Bush," [the Human Rights Campaign's] Elizabeth Birch, like many liberals, assumes that gay men and women should only be concerned about the issues that have been defined by the gay left as important. A simple tax cut would have a far greater impact on my life than gays in the military, gay adoption, gay marriage and hate-crime laws, and I dare say the same would be true for most gay Americans. And I don't believe that my life will be thrown back to the dark ages if there's a Republican in the White House. I'm no victim, Liz, and I don't need you and liberal lobbying groups like the HRCF choosing my fights while claiming to represent my interests.

-- Andre Dupuy

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