Does Regis have a thing for fur?

Tongues are wagging over Philbin's alleged "raw raging" affair with former cheerleader; Posh Spice: Miniskirt ban didn't stop her top from poppin'; Marky Mark talks monkey love. Plus: Jerry Hall says Playboy offered her $1 million!

By Amy Reiter

Published August 8, 2000 6:00PM (EDT)

Has Regis Philbin been Giffordized? Inquiring minds want to know.

According to the New York Post, the TV talker did everything he could to stop the National Enquirer from going to press with its story alleging that he had a somewhat torrid three-year affair with a former Los Angeles Rams cheerleader named Maria Majerek. The two reportedly found a deep bond in their mutual love for the Notre Dame football team.

True or not, Reeg has much to find upsetting in Majerek's diary entries. For instance, she alleges, the Millionaire man had a thing for fur: "Regis had me strip naked and put my fur coat on. We made love. It was pure raw raging sex." (A new meaning for the Domer rallying cry, "Go Irish!"?)

And, she says, he had some presidential tendencies: "We felt we weren't really committing adultery if we didn't have actual intercourse ... [but] we had sex every way you can think of -- kissing, caressing, fondling, getting naked, intimate touching, mutual oral sex."

What's more, she shares, his pillow talk included a less-than-loving portrayal of his former co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford: "She never shuts up ... I don't know which is worse -- that or her huge mop of hair."

But Fox 411 columnist Roger Friedman has leaped to Philbin's defense, contending that Majerek is nothin' but a lowdown, dirty money-grubbing opportunist. Oh, and a spendthrift to boot. (A girl's gotta have her furs, you know.)

Evidence? Her ex-husband says she was flat broke and living on her kids' child support before she sold her story to the Enquirer. And an ex-lover called her a "user" who treated him like a meal ticket.

Majerek, meanwhile, contends that Regis "made me feel like a million bucks!"

The ubiquitous host may finally have found the answer to his oft-asked question, "Who wants to be a multimillionaire?"

Bet he wishes he'd never asked ...

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And they're so much cuter than Darva and Rick

"No matter how cynical and jaded we are, everybody loves a wedding."

-- Katie Couric on why the "Today" show's plan to televise a young couple's wedding is not at all Fox-like.

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Skirting danger, Spice-style

Who wears short skirts? According to London's Sunday People, not Victoria Beckham.

The paper reports that Posh Spice's husband David Beckham has "banned" miniskirts from her wardrobe.

"I like short skirts but David says I can't do that now I've got a baby," she said. "He says if Brooklyn goes to school then all the kids will come up to him and say: I've seen your mum's knickers."

Good thing David wasn't among the 60,000 people who turned out to watch Victoria's Spicy solo show in the U.K. on Sunday. The crowd apparently got an eyeful of more than his wife's undies, as she popped out of her low-cut cat-suit.

"Her performance was very energetic and allowed people to see one or two things they perhaps shouldn't have," said a Radio 1 spokesman.

Oh, dear. What will Brooklyn's friends say?

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Clooney's got competition

"I think we'll be making out -- which will be interesting, very interesting. I think we're going to push the boundaries out a little bit and actually have sex!"

-- Mark Wahlberg on his big plans for the bestial love scene he'll share with Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton's remake of "Planet of the Apes."

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Mother may I?

When Jerry Hall dropped her towel before a crowd of curious critics and eye-straining audience members the other night in her maiden voyage as Mrs. Robinson in the West End production of "The Graduate," at least one person was horrified: her mother.

Mama Hall apparently did everything she could to keep her daughter from flashing her stuff -- and even tried to enlist the help of her ex-son-in-law, Mick Jagger.

"My mother spent 30 minutes of the phone to Mick saying, 'How can she humiliate herself. She's a mother of four. She's been to events with the royal family. Now she's going to ruin it all,'" the model-turned-actress tells the U.K. Mirror.

But royal visits aside, Hall herself had something of a personal epiphany as the terry cloth slipped away. "It was one of those moments -- not the most pivotal in the play, but one of the most pivotal in my life."

She was surprised, however, when flash met flash -- and photographers started snapping pics. "Playboy offered me $1 million to pose nude, which I turned down," she says, "and here were these guys getting the pictures for free!"

Unless, of course, you count the price of admission.

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Will Griffith best Bezos?

Never mind the direction e-commerce stocks have been going lately. Melanie Griffith is feeling bullish.

Griffith tells the Los Angeles Times she's pinning her family's long-term financial hopes on One World Networks, a Web site she co-founded that sells celebrity-endorsed products like cosmetics and health products.

"It's a great place for celebrities to be able to control their image," the actress contends.

But, alas, perhaps not their fortunes.

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