Why Bush will win

By David Horowitz

By Salon Staff
Published August 9, 2000 7:53PM (EDT)

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In his lightweight and rather silly article today, David Horowitz proposes that Gore will see little if any boost in his popularity via his selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. Horowitz would have us believe that the Republican effort to portray itself as the party of inclusion will suddenly be swallowed whole and the political center will run to their open arms. An amusing idea, but last time I looked they still had a pretty reactionary and exclusionary platform and a roster of party leaders in both houses determined to move the party even further to the right.

To put any faith in Horowitz's argument, we would need to believe that the Republicans are on the brink of introducing legislation: improving environmental protections, strengthening maternal/paternal leave options, adding more healthcare opportunities for the poor and immigrant populations, protecting all Americans from workplace discrimination, and eliminating welfare for corporations that contribute to their party (or, was that, OWN their party).

I think hell will freeze over first. I also think the average American is a little smarter than Horowitz seems to think.

-- Brian Murray

Despite what David Horowitz thinks, a well-scripted dog and pony show like the GOP convention will not make voters forget that the Republicans are the party of Jesse Helms, Tom DeLay and Trent Lott.

By the way, Horowitz should be more careful in his self-promotion. The line about war being politics by other means is not his. It was written by Carl Von Clausewitz almost 200 years ago.

-- Josh Ellison

David Horowitz's argument simply does not hold up. If "compassionate conservatism" is allegedly eroding the Democratic base, then isn't Joe Lieberman an antidote to this supposed tide? The whole idea of compassionate conservatism calls for Republicans to soften their image, hence moving more toward the middle, i.e. being moderate. So how can Horowitz claim that Lieberman -- as a moderate -- is bad for the ticket? He can't have it both ways, which seems to be a metaphor for his political journey thus far.

-- Kyle Baker

Once again, Horowitz gets it all wrong. After snoozing over Gore, this core Democrat's gonna run, not walk, to the election booth, now that Lieberman's the VP pick. Here's my opportunity to pay tribute to an audacious choice and to the senator's brethren who have contributed so much to the party's principles!

-- Roy Strickland

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