Sean has his eyes on fame, breasts

The "Survivor" dud proves he can embarrass himself back in civilization, too; Marie Osmond and hubby work it on out. Plus: Britney deemed a bad example.

By Amy Reiter
Published August 11, 2000 4:01PM (EDT)

Is Sean Kenniff, the only "Survivor" contestant to definitively prove he knows his ABCs, through playing doctor?

The Long Island neurologist is apparently nursing his TV moment like some kind of latter-day Darva Conger. According to, Kenniff is being repped by a tribe of at least three agents, will hit the speaking circuit at universities and medical schools in the fall and has plans to make more TV appearances than Richard Hatch's blurry booty.

Guest stints on Fox News Channel's "Web M.D." and "The Guiding Light" are just the beginning. The pierced doctor may also have a regular gig reporting on health, general news and "Survivor II" on "Extra!"

He's also shopping around a novel called "Skitzo," which describes as "a sexually charged medical thriller about a pair of rival psychiatrists who team up for a controversial experiment."

An excerpt printed on the site, however, suggests that Kenniff's time might have been better spent practicing his alphabet: "A young woman approached him. She was perhaps twenty-one years old, and Jack had never seen her before at the reservoir track. She was wearing an inside-out Champion sweatshirt that did not even come close to concealing her large breasts. Jack was virtually mesmerized as he 'Baywatched' her breasts bounce a little to the left, then a little to the right."


"God forbid this is only a '15 minutes' thing for me," Kenniff tells "I want to enjoy it and get everything I can from it."

Hello, Playgirl?

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I'm bigger than Bond, baby

"I could take Sean Connery in a fight ... I could definitely take him."

-- Harrison Ford, puffing out his feathers on "The Tonight Show."

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Smiling again

Who knows what broke up Marie Osmond and her husband, Brian Blosil, a few months back? It could have been that nasty postpartum depression of hers. Or maybe it was because she was a little bit country and he a little bit rock 'n' roll. Or perhaps she found herself lingering just a little too long over the peanut-butter jar again.

But whatever their differences, the couple has apparently set them aside and reunited. Osmond broke the happy news to her fans on QVC around midnight Saturday, pausing in the middle of hawking her signature dolls to announce that she and her husband of 13 years, with whom she's raising seven kids, were back together.

"They never were divorced. They separated, and they've been working on reconciling from the get-go," Osmond's rep, Ann Gurrola, told People magazine.

Osmond has even slipped her wedding ring back onto her finger.

No, it's probably not one of those cubic zirconia jobbers from the QVC.

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SLA: So long ago ...

"Most young people have no idea at all. People in their 20s are completely clueless. They think Kennedy is from MTV. They honestly have no idea."

-- Patty Hearst, on how no one remembers her kidnapping claim to fame.

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Juicy bits

If Guy Ritchie's movie, "Snatch," makes its debut before his new baby, don't expect him to toast it with champagne. Madonna's boyfriend says he's off booze as an act of solidarity with the mother of his child. "As the missus is pregnant, she doesn't drink, so I don't drink," he proudly proclaimed to the U.K. Mirror. Now that's chivalry.

Britney, a bad influence? A survey sponsored by Teen magazine and Sears has determined that teenage girls consider Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera to set "good examples" by their image, behavior and style. Britney Spears, on the other hand, was singled out as a "bad example." Was it something she said?

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe might have appeared arm-in-arm all over London as her marriage to Dennis Quaid crumbled a few weeks back, but they were apparently the picture of propriety on the set of their film "Proof of Life." David Morse, who appeared with them in the film tells the upcoming issue of Parade that he had no idea his costars had a thang goin' on. "I was shocked to hear about it," he says. "I didn't have a clue."

The monkey-toucher is off Mike Myers' back. Jeffrey Katzenberg has apparently successfully brokered a deal between Myers, Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Although "Dieter," the movie, will remain dead, the feuding parties have agreed to collaborate on another project. Let the dancing begin.

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