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Can violet-tinted goddess-worshipping power beads bring Al Gore the success he so craves?

By Jake Tapper
Published August 16, 2000 9:48PM (EDT)

"Goddess-worship," an author wrote in Sage Woman magazine, "is earthy, raw, and full of emotion." Nowhere is this more true than in Los Angeles this week, where powerful women like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Karenna Gore Schiff run around, entourages in tow, growing more diva-like by the moment, their every word followed by their various coteries -- everlastingly true believers in their righteousness.

Perhaps the most amusing -- if not downright alarming -- of this liberal feminist woman-worship took place at an exclusive luncheon on Monday honoring Donna Brazile, Vice President Al Gore's campaign chair. There, fans of Brazile were given purple "Girl Power Beads" to wear as bracelets.

Instructions came with the plastic baubles. "This power bead bracelet has been produced especially to celebrate Brazile and the importance of women in this campaign," said the accompanying note.

Powers were ascribed to the Brazile-blessed costume jewelry. "It enhances leadership qualities and brings success, prosperity and victory. By wearing it during the election, you will feel the power of Donna and together we will all bring great strength and victory to the 2000 Democratic ticket."

Surely they were joking about this, I said to the Democratic woman who showed me the Brazile-worshiping icon.

"No, they were serious," she said.

Prayer beads have experienced a resurgence in recent years in religions ranging from Anglicanism to Wicca. Though with Gore trailing so badly in the polls -- even among women and other traditionally Democratic constituency groups, the very ones whose support Brazile is charged with shoring up -- one wonders how much "success, prosperity, and victory" the Girl Power Beads can really bring.

Jake Tapper

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