Boy behavior

By Jami Attenberg

Published August 16, 2000 7:13PM (EDT)

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I thought Jami Attenberg oversimplified things when she wrote that sexual assertiveness simply "doesn't have the same appeal for women as it does for men." Give me a break. I enjoy being the initiator and taking charge, although I quite enjoy being served as well. I've also really enjoyed quite a few casual encounters. Once I decided to start "acting like a boy," I found it was a very girlish and pleasurable way to behave.

-- Nicole Nicks

I'd just like to point out that Jami Attenberg did not, in fact, become a "boy" for the night. She became, as she'd actually intended, a remarkably shallow parasite. The fact that this kind of behavior is, in her mind, associated with the young males of the species -- perhaps because, in her opinion, male requirements for enjoyable sex are much lower -- reflects more poorly upon her than upon the boys she hoped to emulate.

-- Tom Davidson

By Salon Staff

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