Jennifer Lopez does unibrow chic

Puffy's pal beats out Madonna for Frida Kahlo role; "Survivor" shows Russian musical roots. Plus: Oasis' frontman said to be shaggy in the rear.

By Amy Reiter
Published August 17, 2000 4:35PM (EDT)

Forget the Grammy dress. Jennifer Lopez is about to make an even more shocking fashion statement: She'll sprout a unibrow.

Lopez has signed on to play Frida Kahlo in Luis Valdez's steamy big-screen biopic of the legendary Mexican artist based on the book "The Two Fridas."

As she tackles the film's sex scenes with both men and women (and Leon Trotsky, with whom Kahlo had an affair), Puffy's gal will go where Laura San Giacomo and Madonna are apparently unwelcome; both stars were rejected for the role because they aren't Latin enough.

She'll also go brow-to-brow at the box office with rival Salma Hayek, who is signed on to star in another film based on Kahlo's zesty life.

According to Lopez, "Frida needs to be played by somebody who can play her character."

That Jennifer. She is, like, so deep.

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From his lips ...

"We ought to get a pass -- seven days out for each convention so it doesn't count against your life expectancy."

-- Tom Brokaw, bucking for life-extending convention coverage credit from God.

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How do you say "Richard sucks" in Russian?

If you play the "Survivor" theme song backwards, are the words "Pagong is dead" clearly distinguishable?

Depends how much rattan you've been smoking.

But here's something you may not know about all that oh-way-ah-ing going on as the credits roll: The chants are not actually Malay, but Russian.

"It's an ancient Russian folk chant that just resonated something within me," Russ Landau, who composed the music, tells USA Today. He came across it while searching "for something that would communicate the tribal aspects, almost like 'Lord of the Flies' with chants."

But don't go hitting your Moscovite friends up for a translation. Says Landau, "I chopped it in a way that it's not making too much sense."

Kinda like "Big Brother" ...

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An actor after Ted Nugent's heart

"If anyone was talking about legislating something and restricting Hollywood I would probably reach for my nearest Colt 45."

-- Richard Dreyfuss on fighting censorship with firepower.

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Juicy bits

Should Oasis bad boy Liam Gallagher change his name to "Harry Butz"? Depends on how reliable you find Posh Spice. The skinniest Spice has apparently told the U.K. Sun that Gallagher's "bum is disgusting. It's covered, and the hair is about 2-inches long." An Oasis roadie has reportedly confirmed Posh's furry assessment, sharing this lovely image with the tabloid: "I remember one gig in Oslo when Liam picked up a tambourine and I saw a fuzzy bit of hair over the top of his jeans. It looked like the beards that ZZ Top wear."

Fire up the Bronco. O.J. Simpson may be headed back to court. The Juice is taking legal action in an attempt to halt the production of "American Tragedy," a film about his criminal trial for murder based on a book by Lawrence Schiller and James Willwerth. Simpson contends the screenplay, written by Norman Mailer, reveals the thoughts of his defense team and violates his attorney-client privilege. Must feel like a real stab in the back.

That zaftig young woman in the jaunty black beret who keeps showing up at the Democratic National Convention's most exclusive parties? It's not Monica Lewinsky, but she sure fooled Barbra Streisand, who reportedly spilled her drink after coming nose to nose with the intern impersonator at a soiree hosted by DeeDee Myers and Todd Purdum. "It's completely unnerving -- she's everywhere!" one "A-list Hollywood star" who ran into the interloper at three parties in one weekend exclaimed to the Drudge Report. "Apparently, someone is tipping the woman off to the locations of all the parties, or she is coming with an invited guest," surmised another Drudge tipster. "We think she is changing into her outfit in bathrooms once she's gained access." And if you think squeezing into that thong with Democratic bigwigs pounding on the door is a picnic, you got another think coming ...

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